Weidert Wednesday: 7 Steps to Inbound Paid Media Success

Charles Greenley
Posted by Charles Greenley on January 20, 2021

When you think about inbound marketing, you probably don’t think about pay-per-click advertising or other paid media strategies. (That would make sense.) But maybe it’s time to consider how a “push” strategy like PPC could power up your inbound program.

A strategically selected and tactically executed paid media plan can add just the right kick to increase traffic, improve your SEO, and produce more qualified leads.

But that doesn’t mean pay-per-click is right for every inbound marketer or for every opportunity.

This week’s Weidert Wednesday video can help you decide whether and how to make paid media work for you.



If you made a list of inbound tactics … would pay-per-click ads make the cut?

Probably not.

Paid media’s not inbound, right?

The short answer is NO. 

In marketing-speak, paid ads are a “push” tactic.

So you can be an inbound purist … or, you can explore how tactical use of PAID ADS can complement and strengthen SOME holistic inbound programs.

Before jumping into paid media, you need to know the steps of an effective paid ad program to avoid spending money on conversions that may not be qualified leads.

That’s paying for dead ends.

But with a measured approach, you can avoid mistakes.

And our free guide walks you through the steps. Here’s a quick preview.

Supporting B2B Inbound With PPC in 7 “easy” steps

First, we list a dozen questions to help you decide whether paid media’s a match for your plan in the first place, like ...

Step 1: Is PPC right for you in the first place?

Are you launching a new product?

Do you have content that needs a boost?

Do you need deeper keyword research?


Step 2: Research

Next, research like your budget and ad spend depend on it … because they do.

Paid Ads Research:

  • Keywords
  • Social and search platforms
  • Paid landscape competitive analysis

The research is worth it, because you’ll use it to refine and revise your keyword bidding strategy.

Step 3: Perfect Your Bidding Strategy

Your approach to bidding should be driven by your objectives. Are you focused on conversions? Clicks? Impressions? The right bidding strategy puts your budget to best use.

Step 4: Ad Creative

Now, write and design your ads. To be effective, paid ads need skilled copywriting and design.

OK, now GO!

Step 5: LAUNCH (with care)

But wait! 

Don’t just set it and forget it. You have to actively monitor, manage, analyze, and adjust as you go.

Step 6: Regular Monitoring & Reporting 

A great thing about paid ads is the transparency and insight they provide. Use the data and share with the right people.

This is vital — for your SEO, your inbound program, and leadership buy-in.

Step 7: Equip & Empower Sales Teams

Plan ahead so the leads you generate don’t end up in a vacuum. Be sure the whole team’s ready to roll.

That’s it! That went fast…so you can review and get in-depth, how-to steps on our paid media page, plus links to more resources. Even a glossary of terms.

Maybe best of all, you can download a PDF to share with your team and guide you through your paid media decisions.

And if it’s still overwhelming, well…an inbound agency with specialized pay-per-click experts can help your investment pay off in qualified sales leads. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help. 

Weighing Your PPC Choices? Here’s Help

It’s easy to see that paid media options can open up a whole new suite of possibilities for promoting your business and boosting your inbound marketing and sales programs.

It’s just as easy to see how complicated the choices can become. If you’re thinking about jumping into pay-per-click advertising, it’s wise to consider the advice of a PPC agency with inbound expertise — and, check out our Paid Media Guide. It’s loaded with free information and resources to help you make informed decisions moving forward.


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