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Sean Johnson
Posted by Sean Johnson on August 18, 2011

One of the challenges of writing a blog to keep your content fresh is remembering who you are writing for. 

It can be real easy to forget the target audience and let your content drift into irrelevancy. That's not to say that an occasional off-beat post is a bad thing. Indeed, it gives your blog character.

What you are using that blog for is to showcase your company, product and expertise. Create your content - blog or otherwise - to educate and persuade prospects with an interest. Remember, the purpose of inbound marketing is to convert those folks from prospects to leads to clients, so it's important that your content be relevant to them. 

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In addition to followers and prospects, there is another important audience you want to keep in mind: The search engine crawler, or bot. 

When you create content, you want to do it in a way that makes it easily searchable by the search engine bots. Remember, they always read it first. 

Creating search engine friendly content for your blog is not as daunting as it sounds. There are three very simple steps you can begin to follow today that require very little extra effort.

The easiest sites for search engine bots are:

  • Easy to navigate - keep your page structure simple
  • Feature keywords in prominent places - don't bury your keywords on pages that get little traffic. 
  • Easy to load - don't use large image files that can bog the page down. 

Following these simple steps can have a tremendous impact on how where your pages show up in search results. According to a posting by Chad Pollitt, it could improve performance within key search engine factors - the items the bots look for - by more than 80 percent. 

The bots are looking for things like inbound links and keywords. 

The better performance in these key search engine factors, the higher your content will score and the greater visibility it will get when the search engine bots return results for a search. You can dig into the nuts and bolts here

In a nutshell, employing these simple SEO techniques will keep the bots interested and improve your visibility. More visibility should mean more visits by prospects, which should translate into more opportunities to close the deal. 

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