Start Using Your Blog To Capture Qualified Sales Leads

Frank Isca
Posted by Frank Isca on August 30, 2011

lead generation sales funnelAnyone who's following our blog lately knows we strongly believe in the importance of blogging, and being dedicated to consistent blogging. Not only does blogging allow you to position your company and individual team members as experts in various subjects relevant to your company, enhance your site's ranking in the SERPs, increase overall site traffic and many other fantastic things, but it's a great way to generate qualified sales leads. Here's the top ways to start using your blog as a lead generator:


Although your actual blog content should be educational and provide value to your target, a good way to capture leads is placing a call-to-action in the footer of your blog post that's relevant to the topic of your post. The call-to-action could be for a content download, free assessment, or to complete a contact form to connect with someone from your sales team to learn more on what your blog topic covered and how your services can be of value. The key is making sure you're capturing their contact info with the use of a conversion form, preferably on a unique landing page.

Content Download Offers

Similar to offering a content download call-to-action within the footer of your actual blog post it's also beneficial to have some static content download buttons in one of the non blog content columns on your blog. You'll notice our blog always has three offers in the column on the right.

Email Subscription Sign-up

The easiest, often overlooked method to capture leads and subscribers to your blog is offering a simple email sign-up form directly on your blog. If you haven't signed up for email notifications for our blog we encourage you to do so!

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