Stop Relying on Marketing You Can't Track

Frank Isca
Posted by Frank Isca on September 25, 2012

It's a fun time to be a marketer these days. Never before have we had such advanced tools at our fingertips, allowing us to track the success and failures of our activities and make adjustments in real time. So, why are some companies still relying on marketing tactics of the past that leave them wondering if they're truly seeing a ROI?

This situation recently came up during a conference call with a new client of ours that has asked us to evaluate their current marketing initiatives. After we pushed back on the value they're getting from occasional 1/4 page ads in industry trade pubs and tradeshow sponsorships they honestly couldn't answer the question.

Our response for them was to change course and begin to embrace the power of Inbound Marketing, so they can truly track and monitor:

  1. Who is visiting their website and what they're viewing
  2. What online marketing activities are attracting these visitors to their website
  3. Which content is resulting in the most engagement
  4. Which activities are resulting in the most qualified lead conversions
  5. Which activities are resulting in the closing of new customers

This is only the start of what Inbound Marketing offers marketers to be more successful at what they do, in order to attract the right leads for their sales team to close. We've been pretty open about our excitement around HubSpot 3 and all the amazing capabilities this recent upgrade brings to the table, and for good reason. You can read more about all the latest features on the HubSpot 3 web page but we as Inbound Marketers now have the power to create marketing tailored to our individual targets' needs and interests, similar to what you may experience when shopping on Amazon. Yeah, we know. Cool, right?! 

So as you start to evaluate your marketing plans for 2013, honestly ask yourself whether you feel you're getting as much as you can from your current marketing dollars. If you're unable to clearly track what's working and what's not, think how much better you could be as a marketer with this knowledge.

To learn more on the components of Inbound Marketing and what it all entails to implement, take advantage of this helpful Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing.

 Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing

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