4 Rewards of Experience Inbound You Can Only Get at a Conference

Laura Sheptoski
Posted by Laura Sheptoski on March 31, 2016


These days, there's no shortage of things that can be done online rather than in person. Don't have time to run to the bank? Transfer funds or pay a bill online. Forgot to get a card in the mail for your nephew's birthday? Send a personalized e-card. Though the list could go on and on, there's no denying the fact that certain real-life experiences just can't be beat.

Such is the case for inbound marketing conferences, like the one Weidert Group is hosting this May—Experience Inbound 2016. Sure, you can learn a lot about inbound marketing online, but you can't expect to replicate the same level of excitement, energy, and experience from reading about inbound marketing as you can from coming together with a group of your peers to share, learn, and grow together at a conference.

So, whether you're already practicing inbound marketing or you're still on the fence about how to implement it for your business, you won't want to miss out on the benefits of attending Experience Inbound. From the camaraderie to rich opportunities for learning, here's a list of four benefits you'll get from attending an inbound marketing conference that you just can't get online:

1. Immerse Yourself in a Culture of Content Creation

Maybe you've been churning out new content for your existing inbound marketing program for a while, or maybe you're at the point of needing to get more support from subject matter experts within your company before you can really get the ball rolling. Either way, you know you'll be in good company at a conference. Think about it: you'll be surrounded by your peers; people who are just as enthusiastic and passionate about marketing as you are, people who understand the importance of regular content creation to your inbound marketing efforts. You may even be able to exchange war stories about getting team members engaged and on board to keep your content efforts moving. You never know who you'll be able to learn from!

2. Learn Which Analytics Matter to Marketing Success

Analyzing the outcomes of your inbound marketing efforts is an important part of any program, but do you really know which metrics you should be keeping your eyes on—or why? When you attend a conference, you'll be sure to hear from speakers who are industry experts discuss the importance of analytics to inbound marketing, and which metrics are imperative to be monitoring. You'll also have the opportunity to engage other conference-goers and learn from the types of analysis your peers have done or are doing, and how that analysis can shape your strategy moving forward.

3. Compare Marketing Approaches Across Industries

Not only will you be able to network with and learn from marketing professionals in industries that are uniquely different from yours, but you'll also be able to see the differences—and the similarities—between the approaches of the folks who market products and those who market services. And whether you think so or not, you can learn a lot from those distinct industry differences. Think about it: who better to be surrounded by than a sea of like-minded marketers who each have their own unique experience to share? Even if you're a B2B marketer for a heavy industrial distributor, you may be able to learn something from the approach taken by a small florist. 

4. Experience the Effects of Real Marketing ROI Firsthand

Reading about the potential return on investment you can expect from inbound marketing online can only get you so far. When you attend a conference, however, you'll be surrounded by real-life case studies of the types of ROI you can expect with inbound: from the heightened brand awareness to the opportunity for better storytelling, you'll be able to see the authentic personalities behind inbound marketing, hear the success stories, and learn the key takeaways from the lessons that others have experienced.

Attending an inbound marketing conference will leave you feeling energized, excited, and empowered to turn your new learnings into actions, and that's something you just can't get by reading about inbound marketing online. 

Ready to attend a conference to get the full experience? Register now to attend Experience Inbound Wisconsin 2016!

Experience Inbound

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