Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Inbound Marketing Bootcamp

Greg Linnemanstons
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on May 12, 2014

IM-Bootcamp-logoOur team is in the final push to wrap up the last details of our inaugural Northeast Wisconsin Inbound Marketing Bootcamp 2014. Jamie and Laura are putting the finishing touches on the Bootcamp Workbook, inbound experts from Milwaukee to Boston are fine-tuning their presentations, and the Bridgewood Resort is rolling out the red carpet to insure that everyone feels welcome when they arrive on May 21st in Neenah, Wisconsin.

If you haven't registered yet, here are our top 10 reasons you should, and now, before it's too late!

  1. You'll learn more about inbound marketing in one day than you could learn in 3 months on your own
  2. You'll network with scores of like-minded progressive marketing minds and realize that the learning just starts here, and continues when you reach out to your new connections, or join them at the NEW HUG (Northeast Wisconsin HubSpot User Group) meetings 6 times a year
  3. You'll hear first-hand accounts of inbound marketing successes to take back as evidence to convince nay-sayers. Wait until you show your CFO how to calculate the ROI of inbound marketing!
  4. You'll meet one of HubSpot's earliest hires and hear her reveal how their platform enables companies to create marketing that customers love
  5. You'll get to listen to leaders from three of HubSpot's top partner agencies explain how they're growing client businesses through inbound marketing
  6. You'll hear about some marketing automation technologies that you thought were only available to the largest enterprises, and learn how incredibly accessible they are to any size organization
  7. You'll develop a sense of urgency about getting your business going with inbound marketing before your competition beats you to the punch, and before you miss another day/week/month of opportunity cost from doing nothing
  8. You'll feel emboldened to achieve inbound marketing certification by taking the FREE class at HubSpot's Inbound Academy 
  9. Your boss will appreciate your astute ability to recognize incredible value by attending Bootcamp
  10. Finally, in the span of 8 hours you'll become a more valuable asset to your employer with your new-found understanding of the most important business development approach of the 21st century. 

Sounds to me like a pretty smart way to spend 8 hours and $89. What are you waiting for? Get this on your calendar now, before it's too late! 

This event was held May 21, 2014. To view the Bootcamp presentations, simply click the button below!

Inbound Marketing Bootcamp Presentations

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