The Top 13 Quotes from Inbound 2012

Frank Isca
Posted by Frank Isca on August 31, 2012

inbound 2012 rocksIf you've been following our blog this past week, you've learned that we attended the Inbound 2012 conference in Boston with 2,800 other fellow Inbound Marketers from around the globe. Sorry if we can't contain our excitement! Being the largest gathering of Inbound Marketers in the world, HubSpot did a stellar job bringing in some of the brighest minds in the industry to share their thought leadership.

Looking back at our index of tweets during our time, which nicely catalogued our experience during the number of keynotes and breakout sessions, we hand-picked the top 13 quotes that we feel need to be shared with our readers.

But first, let's set the mood. To put these quotes into context, we've included a video of the Inbound 2012 kick off and introduction from HubSpot co-founders, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

It's worth watching! Enjoy!

Now for the quotes:

1. "Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant." via @dharmesh

2. "Marketers ruin everything. It's our job. We find something new and shiny, and we squeeze the f*ing sh*t out of it!" via @garyvee

3. "Putting more effort into customer acquisition than retention = spending more time on a wedding than a marriage." via @garyvee

4. "If content is king, than context is God." via @garyvee 

5. "I know this single blog article has resulted in attracting $1.2 million in new sales. Put that in your ROI pipe and smoke it!" via @TheSalesLion

6. "Content + context equals extreme personalization, which is the future of making marketing people love." via @bhalligan

7. "On the web, you are what you publish!" via @dmscott

8. "Marketing has a PR Problem." via @bhalligan

9. "'Real time' is a new mindset in marketing, and that's what Inbound Marketing is all about." via @dmscott

10. "When it comes to creativity and leadership, we need introverts." via @susancain

11. "Blog about price, why?! Because no one else in your industry is doing it!" via @TheSalesLion

12. "Honey, I'm going to setup an online dating's for science." via @randfish

13. "Don’t build links. Build relationships." via @randfish

For a complete look at all the knowledge shared during the three day conference, page through our Storify below, which captured all of our tweets. 

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