Top 3 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Frank Isca
Posted by Frank Isca on January 17, 2012

LinkedIn Logo SignIf you're still not utilizing LinkedIn at this point for networking or business development you're being lazy. There, I said it! In all seriousness, LinkedIn is now 147 million users strong and growing, making it a valuable social media channel for business professionals and companies of all sizes. As this professional network grows so does the competition, making it harder to ensure you're found when a user conducts a general search within LinkedIn.

As a follow-up to my post Social Media Optimization 101: How To Optimize Your Profiles, I've outlined the top 3 ways to tackle optimization of your LinkedIn company page to start gaining better search visibility and referral traffic to your website, blog or conversion landing pages, which helps enhance your lead generation efforts.

1. Write A Keyword-rich Company Overview

The best place to start optimizing your company page is the Overview for your page. Not only is this the first content area a user sees on your page but it also acts as the page's meta description in the SERPs. Take the time to work in some of your target keywords within this overview copy and your core specialties. 

Weidert Group LinkedIn Company Overview

2. Post Frequent Keyword-rich Status Updates

Thanks to the new company page status updates feature, you can post keyword-rich status updates with links to your latest blog articles, news releases or featured promotions. Try to post at least one status update daily to enhance your page and to show up in your followers' feeds.

Weidert Group LinkedIn Status Update

3. Develop Targeted Services Pages

One of the largest overlooked features of LinkedIn company pages is the ability to create targeted pages for your company's individual products and services. These pages allow you to add valuable outbound links to specific landing pages on your site, embed videos, and feature a content download or promotion with an embedded outbound link. 

Weidert Group Inbound Marketing Services 

The sooner you implement these optimization tips on your own company page the sooner you'll start to benefit from the power LinkedIn presents with your overall Inbound Marketing and lead generation efforts. To learn more on how LinkedIn and other social media channels fit into the disciplines of Inbound Marketing, download our FREE Inbound Marketing guide.

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