Takeaways From 3 Clients' Top Performing Industrial Blog Articles in 2016

Reid Trier
Posted by Reid Trier on October 5, 2016

Takeaways-From-3-Top-Performing-Industrial-Blog-Articles-in-2016.jpgFor industrial companies, such as manufacturers or industrial distributors, blog topics that answer their prospects questions and pain points are the mostly likely to become successful in Google's search rankings and contribute to reliable, high-quality web traffic. Still, in order to build credibility and ranking power, content promotion strategies are what really make a difference, driving traffic to your blog and providing more opportunities for your prospects to convert by clicking on a related call-to-action.

Through content promotion tactics like blog-in-review emails, social sharing, and direct referral link building, your industrial company can turn a successful blog topic into one that sees results. 

Here are three examples of blog posts and articles we’ve assisted in helping our clients construct, where content promotion has made a difference in traffic, CTA clicks and ultimately, lead conversion.

1. Kaysun Corporation's

"Is Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Feasible for Your Industrial Application?" 


One of the Kaysun’s most viewed blog articles of the year, “Is Metal-to-Plastic Conversion Feasible for Your Industrial Application?” by Matt Bishop expands on an earlier article making an argument for metal-to-plastic conversion. This piece encourages those in industrial sectors to carry out a comprehensive feasibility analysis from three perspectives: design, manufacturability and return on investment, when determining whether metal-to-plastic conversion is suited for their application.  

This blog article benefitted from reaching a large pool of prospects, as it was angled toward prospects in a variety of industrial sectors. This has led to 11 CTA clicks and a 22.92 percent click-through rate on Kaysun’s “Metal-to-Plastic Conversion is the Wave of the Future” whitepaper CTA.

Key Takeaways

After publishing on July 20, the blog article was included in July’s “blog-in-review” email, which led to a noticeable spike in views on August 1st. If your company publishes one blog article per week, this “in case you missed it” email can be a powerful tool for directing traffic to your blog and creating more pathways for conversions. 

2. Sentry Equipment's

"Tips for Selecting the Right Specialty Heat Exchanger for Your Application" 


This blog post by Sentry Equipment's Brian Winkelman served as a promo for Sentry Equipment’s, “Specialty Heat Exchangers 101” eBook, and provides an overview of the factors to consider when determining the best heat exchanger for your application. This post came at the perfect time for prospects in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey—those who have recognized a problem with heat exchanger capabilities and are looking to research the various ways to solve the issue.

While this promo is not one of the most viewed blog posts, the Specialty Heat Exchangers 101 CTA at the bottom of the post has received the second most submissions and second highest click to submissions rate of any Sentry CTA.  

Key Takeaways

A blog post promoting a brand new content piece such as an eBook has great potential for prompting prospects to take action. Similar promotional posts can go a bit more in-depth than a landing page, explaining additional benefits of downloading the eBook. If you’re looking for a way to draw more attention to your upcoming content piece, a promotional blog post will not only generate traffic to your landing page but inspire conversions and new contacts.

3. U.S. Lubricants'

"4 Questions to Ask Before Switching Hydraulic Fluids" 


U.S. Lubricants’ most successful blog article of 2016 in terms of views and CTA clicks, shows the appeal of catering to prospects most pertinent questions. Matt Mohelnitzky's article helps prospects avoid the issues that come with changing hydraulic fluids in their machinery too early or too late, by highlighting four must-ask questions before making a switch. These are common questions a prospect might have and walks them through many considerations and factors to consider when attempting to answer questions like, “Based on oil sample data, do you need to change out your hydraulic fluid?”

Key Takeaways

With an understanding of which social media channels your prospects are most likely to use, you’ll be able to promote relevant, helpful content that reaches them in the right place. In this case, over half of the article’s views came from LinkedIn, far and away the most popular social network for U.S. Lubricants' prospective buyers. While you'll want to share your company's blog articles across all social channels, take a look at the metrics afterwards to determine which channel(s) are most likely to see engagement. If you find a specific channel like LinkedIn seeing more engagement, be sure to ramp up your promotional efforts on the network to increase traffic and conversions on your blog. 

A Blog Article's Success is Only As Good as Its Promotion Tactics

Without the various content promotion tactics for these blog pieces, there would not only be less viewership, but also fewer opportunities to capture new contacts to be nurtured into customers. Whether this is through email sends, social sharing, native advertising, or other tactics, the success of your content will be defined through its reach and ability to attract those who matter most to your company.

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