Top 10 B2B Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Alexandria Sielaff
Posted by Alexandria Sielaff on March 19, 2020

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“It’s the year of video!” Sound familiar? That’s because every year lately is proving to be just that, especially for B2B industries. And the latest video marketing data proves it.

One of the best ways to boil down complex ideas or products is by producing videos that feature your own subject matter experts. But there are 10 common video marketing mistakes you need to watch for when it comes to setting up your video shoot.

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Mistake #1 — Not Setting Expectations

Are you interviewing someone in HR who’s used to conducting interviews with potential recruits? Chances are, they won't know quite what to expect when the tables are turned and they’re the one being asked questions — on camera, no less. Address potential questions they may have beforehand to put them at ease and help them prepare. You can also share these production tips with them to help ensure a smooth shoot.

Mistake #2 — Visual Distractions

Why is that person standing in front of a blank wall? Exactly what is that “thing” in the background? And what in the world are they wearing? The only questions your viewers should ask when watching your video is, “Where can I hear more?” Background clutter, harsh backdrops and unexplained movements only distract viewers from your message. Also be sure to provide practical guidance on what to wear. While loud patterns are an obvious no-no, small geometric patterns can create distortion when viewed at lower resolutions.

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Mistake #3 — Bad Audio

Even the most breathtaking cinematography can fall flat when there’s poor audio quality. A loud music bed, muffled vocal tracks, or that annoying hum of the A/C unit in the background; bad audio with good video may look nice, but it'll create a major disconnect. Good audio is often the first impression and indicator of quality...even if the visuals aren't quite as good.

Mistake #4 — Not Writing With the End Viewer in Mind

For those who aren’t used to talking on camera, a script can be extremely helpful. Remind your subject, “Focus on the viewer and don’t talk about yourself too much.” Being helpful should be the #1 goal of any video. If it comes across as a sales pitch, viewers will be turned off, meaning your video will be turned off, too.

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Mistake #5 — Being Nervous at the Shoot

It’s natural for an interviewee to have the jitters. But when the videographer or director is scrambling around and unprepared, the anxiety builds. Review your interview questions and have a game plan for camera settings, angles, lighting and staging. Getting caught up or overwhelmed by technicalities instead of the talent and dialogue is a sure way to increase tensions for everyone on set.

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Mistake #6 — Being Too Dang Boring

Just because you’re creating business-related content, don’t be afraid to add some personality into your videos. Let your subject’s personality shine through and keep the camera rolling when they think you’re not recording. You can often capture B-roll footage to sprinkle throughout your video to reinforce your words and liven up what might seem like a dry topic.

But...resist the urge to cover up dull content with snazzy production, flying graphics or overly energetic music as these distract from your message.

A screen with the word ‘blah’ repeated multiple times, indicating boring video

Mistake #7 — Not Reworking/Reusing Video Content

A key to avoiding boring videos is keeping them short and to the point, but it’s a shame to leave unused content on the cutting room floor. Consider ways you can rework video footage for other uses, such as social media snippets, GIFs, and maybe even bloopers. Tastefully showing the human side of your complex B2B industry could be the differentiator that attracts, engages and delights potential customers.

Mistake #8 — Not Cross Promoting

Subject matter interview videos in particular can gain a lot of traction when your subject has a strong network on LinkedIn and other social channels. They’re not always sure how to promote content, though, so be sure to provide them and others with sample lead-ins. Make it easy for them!

And be sure to improve your SEO by leveraging video platforms like Vidyard, Wistia and YouTube

Mistake #9 — Forgetting CTAs

Any inbound marketer knows that the call-to-action (CTA) is a critical element for capturing qualified leads. Don’t abandon this principle when producing your videos, especially if they’re hosted on platforms outside your website! Using annotations and turnstiles/form fields are simple ways to guide viewers to more of your helpful content and to convert with a single click.

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Mistake #10 — Hiring the Wrong Video Production Team

Everyone loves the yearly video recap that “Bob from accounting” puts together for the company Christmas party, right? When it comes to representing your company’s quality brand externally, however, you want a quality video. It’s worth your time to explore outside video production agencies that specialize in your industry and fit your budget. And the right production team will help your subject matter experts nail their interviews, too, ensuring you get a video that puts your brand in its best light.

a scene from behind a video camera showing a business man being interviewed

There you have it! Apply these tips and you’ll have a video that both you and your prospects will love.

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