Weidert Wednesday: Smart Ways to Use Live Video for Your Business

March 14, 2018

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Posted by Alex Sobal


If there’s one thing just about every business can benefit from these days, it’s making helpful, intriguing high-quality videos. One video medium that’s been somewhat hard to master for marketers, however, is live video. Over the past few years, live video services like Periscope have exploded in popularity, as internet users can now interact with their favorite content creators and celebrities in a live, almost face-to-face to setting.

That said, B2Bs have had a hard time standing out from the crowd in the live video realm, as marketers figure out the finer details of live video, like how to successfully coordinate a live shoot, what live video channels are best to reach their personas, and what types of live video content will really capture their followers’ attention. To help give you some ideas for using live video in your own marketing strategy, we discussed two proven ways today’s businesses have had success using live video:


Business professionals out there have probably seen, or at least seen an advertisement for, some kind of webinar online. Whether it’s a presentation and Q&A session with an industry expert or an in-depth tutorial on how to use a new software program, for example, webinars are a great video format for longer content. And while not all webinars are live these days, for businesses anticipating a lot of questions about their presentation or want audience participation during it, there’s nothing better than live video to personally answer viewers’ questions and help explain your message.

Another benefit of webinars is their ability to be used as advanced content for your site. If you’re presenting live, you’ll want to set up a sign-up form beforehand, which can double as email opt-in form. You can also share a recording of the webinar once it’s finished, and gate it behind a landing page to get more new leads.

Live Social Streams

While live video features such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Periscope have been tricky for some businesses, marketers are starting to have more success as they start to include more video in their content strategies. With live social video, followers of your company pages will be notified whenever you go live, and can comment on your video or like it in real time for you to see. In fact, Facebook’s data shows live video generates six times more interactions than regular video posts, making it even more appealing for businesses after Facebook’s recent algorithm change.

Live social videos are great for quick one-to-“one” interactions with your followers, like doing a surprise interview with someone, or showing off your tradeshow booth to all your Facebook fans who couldn’t be there. They key is having a plan before going live, and keeping the content short, interesting, and consumable, as your followers will eventually want to keep scrolling through their news feed.

Stay tuned to Weidert Wednesdays to learn more about how to effectively use video in your content strategy, and download our free Content Creation Templates for more helpful content tips.

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