Weidert Wednesday: When and How to Redesign Your Inbound B2B Website

Justin Harrison
Posted by Justin Harrison on December 16, 2020

How can you tell when it’s time to redesign your B2B website?

And once you recognize it’s due for a rebuild, how can you create a plan to launch quickly, keep budgets manageable, and still achieve a data-driven, inbound website that will serve your company for years to come?

By following the principles of growth-driven design and continuous improvement, you can design and build the inbound website your company needs now — and into the future.

This Weidert Wednesday video explores how.


Your website is your number one sales tool. You need it to work 24-7, 365 days a year. And if it’s not working in a way that helps grow your business, you may need a redesign.

Website redesigns can be daunting. They can exhaust budgets, strain resources, and take a lot of time. But they don’t have to. 

Let’s unpack how to know it’s time for a redesign, and how to use a growth-driven design approach to avoid pitfalls that blow budgets and timelines.

Time for a website redesign?

Ask yourself:

  • Are SEO and UX improvements burdens on your resources?
  • Do security updates break your current site?
  • Or, have you stopped actively managing security?
  • Are you unhappy with leads coming in?
  • Do you want to shift to an inbound approach?
  • Have you rebranded?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s time.

Don’t panic. Have a strategy.

The good news is, a launchpad website built on growth-driven design cycles can be up and running faster than a traditional website redesign. And, it’s designed for continuous improvement, so it’s built to last. Let’s take a look at how.

It starts with a persona-driven content strategy, a disciplined scoping process, and clear key performance indicators. From there, keep the content that still works, and overhaul, or cull, what doesn’t.

Launchpad Website Drivers: Research, Data, & SEO

  • Eliminate excess and low-traffic pages
  • Keyword research guides content
  • UX focus: load speeds, navigation, RSS feeds

Let research, data, and SEO goals inform your decisions about what to include in your launchpad site. Then, use ongoing continuous improvement cycles to iterate. 

Stay focused on factors that enhance user experience and improve quality metrics like bounce rates and time on page. Intuitive navigation is crucial here.

Webpage Mega Menu

You should also use smart content to personalize your site based on what you know about the visitor.

Next, create your website wishlist, which will guide your launchpad site build and your first couple continuous improvement cycles. What would you add with a bigger budget and more time?

GDD website design Wishlist

Create a project timeline that shows who does what and when, with clear dependencies. Account for contingencies if there are lots of hands in the cookie jar.

Website redesign project plan chart

Your launchpad plan informs your budget and timeline, so you know what to expect when hiring a partner.

Partner with a GDD-experienced agency.

You’ll want support for a quick launch — and a quick win.

Once the launchpad site is live, monitor KPIs and let data be your guide, giving you insight into ROI from your redesign, and guiding updates and ongoing improvements. HubSpot CMS and Marketing Hub make it easy to analyze performance and update content.

Keep building and improving with growth-driven design.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to build a high-performance website that grows with you. In fact, growth-driven design principles make the process straightforward, so you can stay focused on delivering the right information to customers and prospects, when and where they expect to find it — powering your inbound strategy and generating qualified leads. To learn more about how we help companies in complex industries get the most from their websites, check out weidert.com.

Get Started

There you have it. Using the principles of growth-driven design and continuous improvement, you can power through a website redesign and build, on schedule and within your budget, and your launchpad site can serve your needs well into the future. 

And if you want to start your own inbound-focused website redesign, we’ve got a handy checklist to help you get rolling. Just click the link below to download your copy.

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