Weidert Wednesday – Why Growth Driven Design is Like Your Personal Wardrobe

Justin Harrison
Posted by Justin Harrison on June 20, 2018

JessJanda_JustinHarrison_GDDOn today's Weidert Wednesday Jess and I are here to talk more about Growth Driven Design and share some analogies to explain how it works. If you’ve been following our blog and own website design process, you’ll know that we’ve been big proponents of GDD and launchpad websites, as you can’t understate the importance of having a perfectly optimized and designed website in 2018.

If you’re thinking your website could use a refresh or total overhaul, GDD is undoubtedly the way to go in terms of cost, efficiency, and achieving results. To help you understand the process a little more clearly, Jess and I explain why Growth Driven Design is like your personal wardrobe: 


JUSTIN: Welcome back to another Weidert Wednesday! I’m Justin.

JESS: And I’m Jess. We’ve been preparing for our Experience Inbound Growth Driven Design presentation, and in the process we’ve come up with an analogy to help you grasp the concept of GDD and how it differs from the “old” way of developing websites.

JUSTIN: The way we like to explain Growth-Driven Design is by using a wardrobe analogy, believe it or not. Building a website using the traditional web development method is like this: you go to a store and select your entire year’s wardrobe in one day – without trying anything on before buying it. You choose a variety of pieces you think you’ll like and will work for any upcoming needs...not knowing what events you’ll be going to, how styles will evolve, how comfortable you’ll be, how you’ll look in them...you get the idea. It’s a lot of guesswork and could turn out to be an expensive gamble.

JESS: And you could end up with some ugly clothes.

JUSTIN: Riiiiiight.

JESS: That’s the old way of building a website. On the other hand, choosing a GDD wardrobe, if you will, goes something like this: you anticipate the current season and what you’ll need, then go to the store and choose a few things you like. You try them on, love the way they look, and buy them. Then you periodically add to what you’ve picked, based on what you’re finding you need or want. When the next season rolls around, you select some more pieces appropriate for that time of year, including some that work with the pieces you picked last season. If something you buy doesn’t work or you find you never wear it, you take it back to the store. This process continues throughout the year. This method means you’re buying each season based on what you’ve learned you’ll need, so you always have the right pieces.

JUSTIN: So, to sum up, what makes more sense to you? Buy your entire year’s wardrobe in one day and basically you’re stuck with it for the whole year...

JESS: ...or shop throughout the year, with flexibility to switch things up, get new stuff, replace things you don’t like and essentially always be improving your look.

JUSTIN: Thanks for watching! We’ll catch you next time on Weidert Wednesday!

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