What is a Growth Marketing Agency & Why You Should Consider One

Keith Voss
Posted by Keith Voss on January 18, 2021
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When you’re holding a hammer, it’s remarkable how many things can start to look like nails.

Many traditional and digital marketing agencies can fall into the trap of this common cognitive bias. They may see the challenge of growing a business solely through a marketer’s lens.

Marketing agencies — even inbound agencies — that focus solely on creating and distributing content (measuring only typical inbound marketing KPIs around attracting and engaging prospects) can lack perspective on the many ways a business actually grows, including the teams, structures, tools, and organizational mindsets that sustain business growth.

Growth marketers, on the other hand, take a comprehensive approach that gives equal weight to marketing, sales, service, and every point of interaction with your target audiences throughout the buyer’s journey — from prospect all the way through to delighted customer and devoted brand promoter. 

A growth marketing definition of success takes into account employee satisfaction, too. That means structures, leadership, communication, technology, and culture are all viewed as opportunities to evaluate, measure, and improve, as well.

So, exactly what is a growth marketing agency, and how can a growth mindset improve your inbound marketing program and help you achieve your business goals?

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a holistic, inclusive discipline that evaluates, recommends, and enables business growth opportunities, including:

  • Goal-setting and accountabilities
  • Inbound marketing strategy and content distribution
  • Sales enablement and Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Customer service strategy and Voice of the Customer programs
  • Content development and performance measurement
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and website content management system (CMS) tools
  • Data analysis and tactical shifts
  • Internal communication and cultural leadership
  • Operational efficiencies
  • And more

Growth marketing is a valuable mindset for an organization set on leveraging the inbound methodology — attract, engage, delight — to achieve business growth. It acknowledges, for example, that some of the best content ideas come from employees who interact with customers on a daily basis and who have an intimate understanding of the customer’s challenges. It understands that marketing content and automation supports sales enablement best when sales is represented at the table.

Growth Marketing & Inbound: A Natural Fit for B2B

An agency that demonstrates expertise in more than just marketing content and campaigns can support almost any type of shift your business needs to make on your way toward achieving your growth goals. To succeed, a growth marketing agency needs to be honest about your strengths and weaknesses beyond the scope of marketing communications. Your team needs to be as invested in your success as you are, and they should also be able to guide you in how to measure progress.

Successful growth marketers don’t disregard inbound marketing tactics. Working with a growth-focused team won’t require you to scrap your existing campaigns and start over from scratch. Content and marketing automation still need to attract, engage, and delight audiences, and lead them from the top of the funnel toward becoming sales qualified leads. But a growth marketing team also understands and prioritizes improved customer retention, along with internally focused business growth strategies.

So an agency with a growth marketing mindset focuses on more than marketing content and campaigns. It can help you discover and optimize customer lifetime value. It’s there when you need an SLA that empowers marketing, sales, and service teams to internalize accountability and recognize opportunities to support one another. It can help you select and fully utilize CRM, CMS, and other tech tools that are best for the way you work. 

See how HubSpot CMS and CRM offer flexibility to support your growing business.

Working with a growth marketing agency can help you develop more efficient workflows to save your sales team’s time, helping them achieve more — which can deliver more job satisfaction. It can help you identify organizational, cultural, and/or communication issues that contribute to friction and help you figure out solutions that create momentum for growth. And it can help you develop holistic, inclusive metrics to keep your business growth on track.

Learn about force, friction, and how the inbound flywheel can help grow your business better.

It’s important to recognize that healthy business growth can also generate new points of friction between marketing, sales, and service teams. Unattended, that new friction can impede sustainable growth over time. An inbound agency with a growth marketing mindset continuously applies a comprehensive perspective to help you identify and reduce friction in your sales, marketing, and service flywheel, helping your business increase momentum, even as you scale up and grow.

Get started using the flywheel methodology to identify force and friction in your business, and explore how inbound marketing can help you increase momentum, reduce friction, and grow. Just click the link to download our Inbound Flywheel Guide and Workbook.

Flywheel Overview & Workbook

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