What to Expect from HubSpot at INBOUND 2015

Jamie Cartwright
Posted by Jamie Cartwright on August 25, 2015


When you adopt inbound marketing, you start measuring your calendar a little bit differently. No longer is August/September the end of Summer and the start of Fall. Instead, for us, it's the season of preparation ahead of INBOUND—HubSpot's annual conference.

To inbound marketers, the week of INBOUND is like the week of Christmas and New Year's. The weeks before are a season of advent. No, we don't light a candle each week, but there is a certain sense of countdown. Every week that goes by is a move toward amazing presentations, top-notch keynotes, and of course, exciting new products from HubSpot.

Given that there are only six days left in August, we thought we'd remind you all to get pumped for this season of anticipation and for a new wave of the inbound revolution. In one HubSpot employee's words, "every year, we try to reinvent inbound marketing," and so far, every year at INBOUND, HubSpot succeeds in setting the bar a little bit higher for helping companies achieve better marketing and sales.

What Will INBOUND 2015 Be Like?

If you've seen the keynote speakers announced thus far, you know we're all in for a treat. Aziz Ansari, Chelsea Clinton, Brian Halligan, Daniel Pink, Seth Godin, Dharmesh Shah—none of those names are lightweights. INBOUND 2015 never goes wrong with its keynotes, and this year, it seems like we're in for a very strong selection of inbound marketing breakout sessions and presentations.

What's been great about the INBOUND conference since 2013 is HubSpot's recognition that classroom style presentations aren't always the best talks for marketers looking to be inspired. Some of INBOUND's best sessions are "Bold Talks" and "Ideas & Experiences," which tend to focus more on personal and professional successes.

Will HubSpot Announce Any Big New Products?

You can never be sure what HubSpot has in store for INBOUND, but one of the best parts of the conference each year is the release of new products, and we can only assume there will be something new this year. In 2014, HubSpot announced the release of a free CRM platform, and in 2013, we all saw the release of HubSpot's website platform, the Content Optimization System (COS). Agencies and partners alike are waiting in anticipation for news of new products and capabilities within the HubSpot marketing and sales platform.

Since we'll be attending, we'll be live updating you here on the Whole Brain Marketing Blog for any news we receive regarding new products or functionalities. Personally, I'm hoping HubSpot makes moves toward technology that further enables sales and marketing alignment. With the HubSpot CRM, we've seen such great results both internally and with our clients, and I envision even more emphasis on inbound alignment over the next year.

Why Should I Pay Attention to INBOUND if I'm not Attending?

Even if you're not attending INBOUND 2015, I highly recommend following the news surrounding the event closely. In the past, we've held consultations with clients after the event just on all the news and insight we gained.

Like other major conferences, INBOUND is a major time for inbound marketing thought leadership, and real ideas are shared and developed each year that really do impact business growth. For instance, last year, a huge topic was the need for inbound marketing principles to be integrated into an entire organization, not just the marketing department. In the past year, we've seen our clients experience tremendous results by helping them creating service-level agreements (SLAs) and other plans that enable an all-engines-go culture on inbound growth.

Who knows what the bright ideas will be that shape INBOUND15. It could center on new products, or perhaps, it will be a keynote speaker that strikes a tone. Keep up with all the action this September 8-11 by following #INBOUND15 and @WeidertGroup.


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