Weidert Wednesday: How Wistia Channels Capture Inbound Value From Your Video Content

Isaiah Wells
Posted by Isaiah Wells on April 21, 2021

You already know online video is a valuable medium for digital inbound marketing content, and a useful tool to attract, engage and delight your target audience throughout their buyer journeys.

And you’re likely aware that, even with 86% of businesses already using video to sell their products and services, target audiences are ready to make room for even more.


Video content is more than audiovisual. It’s dynamic, impactful, and appeals to our human nature — so well, in fact, that viewers of video are proven to retain more than readers of a text, for example.

But in order to get the most value out of great video content, it needs to operate as an integral part of your plan, along with other tactical communications, workflows, data reporting, and more.

In today’s Weidert Wednesday video, you can see how Wistia Channels make it easy for you to add video right to your company website — and to more fully integrate that video content into your HubSpot CRM-based inbound marketing program for lead generation and nurturing.


When you incorporate video into your website and social media content, you create an immersive, inclusive user experience that connects with your target audiences.

But how can you fully integrate video into your inbound program to capture that value and really put it to work? Today we’re talking about Wistia Channels — an immersive, user-focused experience for all your branded videos, right on your company’s website.

Why We Use Wistia Channels Video Marketing Software

With Wistia Channels, we can host and embed customized, branded video marketing content — serving up an inviting, ad-free experience that keeps viewers engaged longer ... all on our own Weidert URL.

Plus, Wistia’s got a list of video marketing tools that add SEO value on the spot:

  • Metadata automatically packaged with video
  • Optimized for faster page speeds
  • Auto-generated captions can be manually revised

SEO metadata is automatically packaged along with video hosted on Wistia Channels, and video files are optimized to support faster page speeds. 

In some cases, Wistia Channel videos beat YouTube videos on SERP performance almost immediately.

It even auto-generates embedded captions that are easy to revise.

User engagement data informs UX improvements

With data-driven quality feedback, such as heat mapping and viewer engagement graphs, we can see exactly when viewers drop off. 

So within channels, it’s easy to see which content performs best. We use that feedback to make our video content even better.

Just as important for Weidert Group is full integration with our HubSpot CRM-based inbound program. With Wistia Channels, we get: 

  • Robust user engagement data: Wistia helps us use video for lead generation — but it doesn’t stop at collecting subscriber emails.
  • Lead generation via CRM integration: We can score leads based on viewer engagement and behavior, and trigger HubSpot workflows to track and nurture prospects along the buyer’s journey.
  • Targeting and retargeting for pay-per-click (PPC): When we want to use paid media, we can mine the data to expand our reach and sharpen targeting and retargeting.

See How We Work Using Wistia

So, check out our newly launched Wistia Channel. It’s full of Weidert video content on inbound marketing, sales, service, and more — all in one place. You can watch, bookmark, and even subscribe to get notifications when we publish new content.

Just click this link to check it out now. 

When you’re done binge-watching our videos about inbound marketing, sales, and service, we’ve got even more resources about how you can incorporate video into your company’s content in our Video Marketing Resources Library

Video marketing resources library

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