Executing an Inbound Plan Through a HubSpot Partner Agency [VIDEO]

Greg Linnemanstons
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on December 4, 2014

There's little doubt that HubSpot is the best marketing software available for today's B2B companies. But, of course, your company will never make full use of this powerful software without a complete understanding of how to build a comprehensive marketing plan built upon the state-of-art technology now at your fingertips.

That's where inbound marketing firms like us come in. As certified experts (literally) in inbound marketing and HubSpot's software, we can help B2B businesses like yours create the most powerful marketing plan possible. In this interview, Greg Linnemanstons explains how inbound firms, like Weidert Group, can help businesses grow themselves at rates they didn't know were possible. 

The Role of an Inbound Firm - Transcript

hubspot-partner-agencyWe’re often asked “what's the difference between buying direct from HubSpot versus buying from a partner like Weidert Group?” It’s important to remember that HubSpot is a software company; they’ve got the best marketing automation product in the world and we’re proud and happy to be working on that and supporting that product.

What We Do

Our role is a lot different as a HubSpot Partner. We’re an inbound marketing firm. Our job is to help our clients create powerful plans, put those plans in place, get their team fully engaged executing them, help them get the best results, and help them learn from their results so that each succeeding cycle they’re putting out more powerful content, attracting better prospects, and closing more business.

A Story of Growth

We started working about nine months ago with an industrial distributor, and their business was pretty solid but they had opportunity for growth, they had capacity that wasn’t being utilized, and they felt like they had some stories to tell. We helped them build a plan, we identified some of their content areas and almost overnight they had their team galvanized behind creating content. They had their blog going; they were blogging about twice a week. They built some content for downloads and within about two months they had completely paid back all of the money that they spent on our services: actually they were into positive territory.

Growth Attracts Growth

So within two to three months they realized a full payback and their sales funnel was invigorated. It became a very positive self-fulfilling prophecy; we have stories to tell that are valuable to our customer base, and as soon as they hear about them, as soon as they start to see and find us by Googling for answers, we’re going to start to benefit from that. And it happened better than we had scripted it, and every bit as fast.

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