How do you know if inbound marketing is for you?

Answer these questions to help you decide if you’re ready to proceed.

Do your customers make highly considered purchases that require them to do research and due diligence?

If they do, proactively answering their questions with relevant and valuable content will make your company visible and begin to build trust as prospects start their searches for solutions to problems.

Are traditional business development efforts generating the quantity—or quality—of leads needed to satisfy your growth goals?

If you know you’re not getting what you need, just working harder won’t change your results. Analyzing the current state compared to what’s possible with inbound is part of the discovery process and should always be at the front end of a commitment to inbound.

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Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) significant enough to justify major investment in attracting new ones?

To do an ROI analysis around inbound you need to understand CLV. Most businesses focus on a new customer’s initial transaction or Year 1 revenues, and are surprised when they compare that to CLV. We believe people make better spending decisions when they understand what they’re actually getting with a new customer acquisition.

Are you willing to undergo an organization-wide culture change that may test people’s resolve?

Becoming an effective inbound organization is a major shift in how you think about and market your business, and often this requires leadership to reassure and encourage the team.

Do you have the resolve to pursue a direction that won’t instantaneously boost your numbers?

Inbound is not something you try for 3 months to see if you like it; it’s something you commit to, and dedicate your team to. When you have that mindset and the insight to see how and why it works, you’ll get the results that will absolutely change the trajectory of your business.

Are you looking for a strategic partner to help grow your business?

You have to look for partners, not vendors. If you’re thinking this is going to be the same as how you work with your PR firm, your website company, your branding agency or your SEO team, you might want to think again. You won’t be successful if you treat your inbound marketing agency like a vendor. I would also tell you that if your inbound marketing agency wants to be treated like a vendor, they probably don’t know how to get you results. They are probably much more comfortable getting you stuff, like blog articles, landing pages, email campaigns and whitepapers. Don’t settle for stuff, make sure you get results.

Does your business truly enjoy some competitive advantages that can be leveraged by showing and telling more people through great content?

Inbound requires transparency, and transparency only works if what the world can now learn about you and from you is valuable and relevant to their needs and challenges, and is better than their alternatives. If you can’t make a case for being better at something that matters, work on that before you jump into inbound.

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