THE LIFE OF A LEAD: AN ESSENTIAL INFOGRAPHIC FOR LEAD GENERATION & NUTURING Nurturing your leads is essential for making them sales ready

The best sales come from the leads you already know. But what can you do to prompt the purchase?

The answer is to nurture your contacts to move them closer to the decision stage and sales readiness. Inbound marketing uses informative content, email, and social interaction to help leads understand the benefits of what you offer and build trust in your solutions. In this essential infographic and glossary toolkit, you'll find: a detailed lead nurturing process—in graphic form; a step-by-step walkthrough of typical lead nurturing emails from content to reminders; and brief, accurate explanations of inbound marketing principles.

After years of executing inbound marketing strategies with clients, we can easily visualize how each visitor experiences the inbound process, starting with a website's content and ending with a purchase. When we try to describe it to others, though, it sounds complex and contorted. Without a clear description of the full inbound marketing process, your sales and leadership teams may find it very difficult to sort out how visitors become leads and how leads eventually make purchases — thwarting your efforts to get inbound buy-in across your organization.

We've noticed over the years that there remain several persistent questions: "When do we send an email... and what's in it?" "How do we know what to offer?" "When does Sales get involved?" Clients feel unsure about what they're expected to do and how their actions fit with the bigger inbound picture.

In an effort to simplify things, we've created an infographic that tells the basic story, "The Life of An Inbound Marketing Lead." It will show you:

  • How a lead becomes a lead – what triggers his or her visit to your site
  • How you determine what piece of content to offer after that first download
  • What happens if the visitor who downloaded the first piece shows no interest in the second piece – or third – you offer via email
  • We've also included a glossary to help you familiarize yourself with some of the terms used  when talking about inbound marketing.

Together this toolkit provides a basic, at-a-glance illustration of the process of inbound marketing from both the user and client perspectives. Why not download it now? It's free!


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