Are We a Fit How We Work With You

This page provides an overview of how we think, and how we work with clients, from the beginning of a relationship through ongoing execution of their programs.


How We Think

The Marketing Flywheel

The Marketing Flywheel model is a more insightful, more valuable way to think of prospects and customers’ ongoing relationships with your company; it also explains the momentum you gain when you align your entire organization – Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service – around delivering remarkable customer experiences.


Unlike the traditional sales funnel view, which encourages companies to think of customer relationships as a simple linear process that tracks a prospect from initial awareness to becoming a customer, the Flywheel recognizes that enormous value can be derived from turning new customers into long-term raving fans! More delighted customers = more brand ambassadors = more sales. In the Flywheel, each stage of the buyer’s journey is interconnected and they feed each other, creating leverage that helps you connect with them at every stage.

This philosophy underlies everything we do – the decisions we make about which of your prospect groups to target, the content we produce, how and where we promote it, the nurturing we do to continue engaging prospects, and the tools we provide for your internal teams to help them add momentum and reduce friction to result in the greatest Flywheel velocity!

What We Do Our Process

Our process essentially has four stages — three of them involving work done at the beginning of client engagements, and a fourth that represents all the ongoing work.


Learning & Proposal

During this stage we ask questions to understand your readiness for an inbound approach, based on things like your current website’s lead generation capabilities, alignment of your Sales and Marketing teams and the tools they need, the amount of work your team is capable of taking on, and more. We also do an assessment of your Flywheel — the “virtuous cycle” of attracting, engaging and delighting your customers. Once we determine that, in fact, inbound is a good fit and the kind of work that will need to be done to get you up and running, we’ll work on a comprehensive proposal that’s aligned specifically to your business goals.


Foundational Work & Quick Wins

The foundational work starts after our proposal is accepted and begins with developing your Inbound Marketing Plan & Playbook. This asset contains all of our findings from a deep dive into your business (learning more about the nuances of your markets, your hurdles, your customers and prospects — your “everything”), as well as our detailed plans going forward, including how we’ll execute social media, what types of content we’ll create, how we’ll nurture prospects, what kinds of video you’ll leverage, how often you’ll blog, etc.

The foundational work also includes creating your first Roadmap — the initial 90-day plan to generate leads. Another integral part of this phase is making sure your website is “inbound ready.” That means making sure you have a marketing automation platform in place (such as HubSpot), as well as landing pages, email templates, and all the other components needed to make the program work.


The Ongoing Program

Once we assign a team to you (in addition to a dedicated Consultant, this usually includes a writer, a developer/designer, a dedicated inbound specialist, a social media specialist, a paid media specialist and others) we get your program up and running. Ongoing client support often requires daily contact in order to execute the different elements of your program. We respond quickly, we answer questions thoroughly, and we offer insights when we see a need for changes to be made to your program.

Every 90 days, we assess and fine tune your inbound program based on what we see is working, what’s not, and new challenges and opportunities you may be looking at.