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When MūL Technologies partnered with Wisconsin-based GMI Solutions to launch MARCTM, their mobile autonomous robotic cart, they had no name recognition or website. But MūL team members had worked with Weidert Group on GMI Solutions’ inbound marketing, so they enlisted a trusted agency partner to create a strategic product launch campaign for MARC.


The Problem

Jumping into the market while lacking name recognition, a website, and qualified sales leads, MūL Technologies needed to drive immediate awareness and interest as they worked to manufacture and bring to market their first MARC carts.

The Goals

MūL wanted a trusted HubSpot partner and PPC agency that would apply SEO expertise to create a website featuring integrated video content of the product. They needed to combine inbound marketing tactics and paid digital advertising to establish MūL’s presence in LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, to increase awareness, and to drive sales leads for their autonomous robotic carts.

The Solution

Weidert Group shot product video and built a new website introducing MARC to the world in detailed product pages. A comprehensive inbound strategy established and reinforced MūL’s position and authority using coordinated blog content, social media, and pay-per-click advertising across multiple platforms. An integrated Shopify® page on MūL’s website allows customers to directly purchase MARC carts and accessories.


The Results

About six months after launching the website and implementing SEO, social media, and PPC strategies:

  • MūL had amassed a list of prospects, including 38 from organic/direct traffic and referrals, and 134 from paid advertising
  • MūL’s new social media profiles had accumulated 212 followers on LinkedIn and 70 followers on Facebook
  • MūL’s 12 published blog posts provided valuable insights to prospects
  • Branded search term “MūL Technologies,” which was buried deep in Google search results in early 2020, had moved to the top result
  • MūL’s dedicated Shopify page enabled prospects to convert on-page and directly purchase MARC carts and equipment
  • MūL Technologies began accepting purchase orders and shipping products to customers
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leads from paid advertising


leads from organic traffic


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