B2BSales Enablement Services

Empower your teams to close more deals. Partner with the right sales enablement agency.

Inbound sales methodologies only work when your sales team has the protocols, processes, and tools to manage sales-qualified leads to a successful close.

Sales enablement is the way to do that. 

Weidert Group’s revenue operations (RevOps) team applies their sales enablement expertise to help B2B clients align their marketing and sales teams to achieve their shared goals in a scalable and repeatable way.



Our tools and training help engage more prospects, improve win rates, automate processes, build sales funnel transparency, and ultimately drive revenue. 

Weidert Group’s sales enablement programs are designed to achieve these outcomes:

  • A clearly defined sales process that’s codified into the Hubspot CRM, ensuring alignment on steps and expectations
  • Automation of many repeatable tasks salespeople are currently doing manually
  • Automated lead follow-up processes that boost efficiency
  • A set-up and customized HubSpot quoting tool for even greater efficiency
  • Hands-on training that results in 100% adoption of the system by the team 
  • A scalable, repeatable system that can easily be learned by new salespeople
  • Full visibility into your pipeline

Watch our Director of Revenue Operations unpack examples of advanced HubSpot CRM setup & automation:


Sales Enablement Program

Weidert Group’s RevOps team delivers a 3-month sales enablement program that’s customizable to meet the specific needs of your Marketing and Sales teams and your organization’s goals. This program typically includes the following key components:


Sales Automation

Sales enablement involves automating routine processes for your sales reps so that they can focus on the more important aspects of their jobs: connecting with high-value prospects and closing deals.

Examples of sales automation include:

  • Automated prospecting. HubSpot’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform makes a salesperson’s prospecting easier by organizing tasks automatically, prioritizing high-value leads, and reducing stress. Plus, the CRM helps automate followup, saving you time and effort.
  • Chat. Live chat or AI-powered chatbots connect website visitors — who are already interested in your brand/product — with your sales reps. Filtering parameters ensure only high-scoring leads get the attention of your sales team.

HubSpot CRM Adoption

A CRM platform creates a single source of truth, having all prospect and customer data in one place. Using (and sharing) extensive RevOps knowledge, we help define your sales process, customize HubSpot for you, and provide change management during sales team training on CRM features. All to create smooth adoption.


"Rick brought a no-nonsense approach. He'd make recommendations about how to structure the pipeline, and what processes should be applied. We were only about two-thirds of the way through Sandler's training. But because Rick already knew Sandler so well, he anticipated and recommended what we needed to do before we could even articulate it. He filled those gaps and made everything go smoothly."

Michael Abdelnour, Client Solutions Director, E7

"We have ‘tried’ to implement a real CRM in our Sales Training business for many years. Sure, we ‘had one,’ but was it really used? Was it really helpful for running our sales function? Did it help us make business decisions? No. Along came HubSpot, Rick Kranz, and the Rev Ops team. Now we have an easy-to-use, fully functional CRM system that everyone utilizes every day, that powers our business. We have a REAL and predictable sales pipeline that drives business decisions and actions. Rick and his team have been highly proactive in making sure we employ these powerful tools. It has been a game-changer in our business." 

Richard Isaac, Professional Sales Training Coach


Sales Operations

  • Align your teams — Sales enablement leans on both the marketing and sales departments to own the development of the program. Early discussions help set goals and determine the right resources and tools needed to implement sales enablement
  • Establish your goals — Whether increasing deal size or shortening the sales cycle, we help identify and establish goals. Next, we analyze your current situation to help you pinpoint what is effective and what wastes time
  • Design your process — Having open communications between marketing and sales is a critical aspect of perfecting a sales enablement process that thrives. Together, we’ll review your current sales process(es), define a streamlined process for following up on leads, and lock in on recommendations with improved and automated processes as the go-forward plan. A sales pipeline will be set up in HubSpot based on this step

Sales Pipeline Visibility and Management

What tool does your sales team rely on to guide a lead through the sales process? A comprehensive CRM system offers data accessibility from any device anywhere (at any time) and tracks leads from the moment they enter your sales funnel.



A Sales & Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaks down the complex process of B2B inbound lead management so that everyone involved in business development creates clear and deliberate strategies.

We help clients develop SLAs that: 

  • identify sales funnel KPIs that align to revenue goals
  • clearly define and score leads 
  • delineate roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities between Sales and Marketing teams regarding lead handoffs, lead management, and closed-loop feedback

No more unknown or assumed expectations between departments or team members, no more wasted effort in pursuing low-value leads, and no more process confusion.


Sales Content

So much of modern selling revolves around sharing content — the right content, for the right buyer, at the right time. From case studies to personalized emails, sales content plays a big role in closing deals.

Some sales enablement tactics that optimize your content:

  • Centralized content — Centralizing all sales content in a single document library makes it a breeze for sales reps to find exactly what’s needed to guide their lead down the buying path
  • Tailored sales content — Sales enablement content almost always includes the creation of case studies to showcase your brand’s strengths or testimonials that provide “social proof” 
  • Customizable templates — Content personalization can be a huge boost for sales reps, but doing so at scale is a challenge. Unless, that is, you have a CRM system that allows you to create email templates, snippets libraries, and task sequences that give your reps a solid starting point for connecting with a lead and provide flexibility in terms of customization

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