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Greg Linnemanstons Weidert Group

Greg Linnemanstons

Inbound Marketing, Sales & Management

Greg draws on his extensive experience as an inbound marketing thought leader, strategist, and business owner to engage audiences with the broad concepts and finer points of inbound marketing, sales and overall business management.

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Nicole Mertes Weidert Group


Sales Enablement & Business Development

With a strong background in media advertising, consulting and sales management, Nicole is the expert on business development and how Inbound Sales helps organizations navigate the evolution of buying and selling.

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Frank Isca Weidert Group


Inbound Marketing Strategy & Planning

Frank is passionate about helping B2B companies improve their online presence through inbound marketing and modern website design – attracting ideal prospects and converting them to lifelong brand advocates.

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Justin Harrison Weidert Group


Inbound Marketing &
Growth-Driven Design

Justin has wide-ranging experience in graphic and web design, helping clients establish and leverage effective inbound marketing tools across several digital platforms. Justin has  been working with websites for more than a decade.

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Recent Presentation Topics

Amplifying Manufacturing Growth in an Inbound World
Amplifying manufacturing growth in an inbound world

Learn why and how inbound marketing works for B2B manufacturing businesses as demonstrated through the actual strategies, tactics and results of leading practitioners.

How to Sell your Marketing Plan to the CFO

It’s the C-suite’s job to make sure every budgeted dollar returns value to the company. Discover how to sell them on the value of inbound marketing and gain solid buy-in for your lead generation efforts.

You're Getting Inbound Leads; Now Turn Them Into Sales
You're Getting Inbound Leads; Now Learn to Turn Them Into Sales

Attracting leads is one thing: closing them is another – especially as prospects turn to the Internet. Discover how to match your sales approach to the new way people buy and position your organization for success.

Attract the Right Website Traffic with a Modern Approach to SEO
Attract the Right Website Traffic with a Modern Approach to SEO

Modern SEO transcends website optimization. Get up to date on the benefits of regular content creation, social media engagement, effective website design, and how they work together to drive more organic traffic to your site.

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Appleton HubSpot User Group

Appleton HubSpot User Group

Mark your calendars, the next HUG is right around the corner. Panel discussion — a conversation about HubSpot Conversations

Date: 12/11/2018
Time: 12pm–1pm
Location: Weidert Group, 1107 E South River St., Appleton


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Director of Business Development, Manufacturing First Expo & Convention

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