Listen to our clients.

We provided services to four sectors—equipment manufacturing, industrial distribution, financial services, and the A/E/C industries—as well as technology firms who also service those industries. Our expertise grows with every new client relationship, and our team has earned a deep knowledge base that we bring to every client strategy meeting.


Director of Marketing

Gordon Flesch Company

I truly appreciate this team's insight and forward thinking. The ability to create a new website in a short time frame is no small miracle, yet they did it. Beyond that, the Inbound Marketing program we developed with them has totally changed how our sales and marketing teams work together – it's made a significant difference in our effectiveness. I have Weidert Group to thank for all our success.”

Aaron Jucket


Owner & President

ESOP Partners

"Inbound marketing fits our business very well because we have a nationwide niche business and our clients and prospects need access to technical information before they make a buying decision. We have a very long buying cycle which can be as long as 6 months to 2 or more years. Inbound marketing is a direct and effective way to reach our targets. Our prospects and clients find us as they perform online searches, finding our blog articles, downloading our content or attending one of our webinars, and eventually seeing all dimensions of who we are and what we can do for them better than our competitors. Weidert Group has helped us leverage our business expertise and dedication to online content to really take advantage of all elements of inbound marketing, and the result is a significant increase in qualified leads and new customers who may not have otherwise found us."


Marketing Manager

Fisher Tank

“Weidert Group was initially brought on to help us create a new website; when they explained the inbound marketing approach and how it would grow our business, we knew it was something we needed. It’s been an incredible transformation for our business – just 12 weeks after launching our site and related content offers, we had $3.5 million in the pipeline directly attributable to those efforts. It far exceeded our expectations – it’s one of the best, most powerful things we’ve done as a company to grow our business.”



Marketing Director

Integrity Insurance

“We knew we wanted to implement a digital inbound marketing strategy and tactics, and we went to the leaders: Weidert Group. Their experience helped us more fully understand and take advantage of this method for ourselves and for some of our independent agencies. It makes sense for our business; share valuable information about insurance-related topics prospects are looking for as they make insurance decisions. They can find Integrity and our agencies in web searches and see us as valuable resources beyond the protection of a policy. It's been very successful and we continue to invest in and grow the strategy.”