Engage & Motivate Video Services

Video: no medium has greater power to engage, inform and motivate. A powerful combination of visual, motion and audio, it’s the best platform from which to present compelling messages — in fact, it’s the way the majority of people today prefer to learn about brands.

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Concept to Creation Our Process


Step 1

Identify Goals

What do you want your video to accomplish — demonstrate the superiority of your product by comparing to competitors’? Unveil a new product and showcase its value to your audience? Boost awareness of your full range of products and services? Knowing what you want to achieve will frame how we approach the next step in the process: coming up with ideas for making the most effective video.


Step 2


We’ll take what we learn about your situation and goals to develop a concept for your review. Typically we present clients with a storyboard (sketches of scenes we envision as part of the video) and script direction so you can wrap your head around all facets of the idea we’re recommending.



Step 3

Project Development

Development is a 3 pronged process:

Lots of work goes into making a video, and some of it is done up front in this planning stage.

This stage is when we do the shooting. Using our 35mm digital cinema camera, our crew can shoot on location, in studio, against a green screen, or we can create a set. Specialized gear like time-lapse rigs and aerial drones allow for some remarkable shots. 

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This is all the digital magic involved in putting together a stunning video. If desired, clients are invited to relax in our edit suite as the video is being brought to life — this is not only interesting for many, but a time-saving approach that eliminates a lot of the back-and-forth as edits are being made.


Step 4

Ongoing Analysis

The most beautiful video is useless if we don’t closely monitor metrics that matter — how many people are viewing it, how long they’re staying engaged, what actions they take as a result of watching it and more. This step never ends… we’re always watching the numbers to understand how well the video is working to get you to that goal we identified early on.