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A successful inbound approach has as its hub a website that can accommodate all of the elements needed to attract visitors (smart architecture & navigation, a prospect-focused blog, powerful testimonials and case studies, etc.), convert them into leads (relevant and compelling calls-to-action and landing pages) and others. This might mean modifying your existing site or building you a new one – either way, the goal is to be perfectly visible to Google, and communicate your expertise and value to prospects.


Once your site is launched, we continue to make it work harder and smarter. Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a process by which a website is continuously improved to meet the needs of your visitors (and the goals of your company); it involves analyzing data and modifying the site to improve overall user experience, visitor conversion rates and other KPIs your business tracks. Improvements are made on a disciplined, ongoing basis, and they’re based on what the analytics tell about how visitors are interacting with the site.


If you’re not ready for a new site but want to leverage marketing automation tools and the associated analytics, we can simply migrate your site to a platform that makes it possible, like HubSpot.

10 Elements to Improve Your Website

Web Development Types Pricing

The costs associated with different types of website work are itemized below.

Developing a Website from the Ground-Up

Developing a Website

from the “Ground-up”

Website pricing depends on many factors, the most obvious of which is the site’s size (number of pages); some others affecting the cost are:

  • types and amount of functionality required
  • databasing required (if any)
  • amount and type of content that needs to be created
  • video and/or photography, if appropriate
  • ...and others

Simple websites typically start at around $30k; more complex/large sites can require a budget of twice that or more, depending on the scope.



Your Current Website

Sometimes it makes more sense to migrate a client’s existing site into the HubSpot platform rather than to start from scratch. Work still needs to be done to make the site inbound-friendly, such as:

  • adding calls-to-action and landing pages where prospects can convert into leads
  • enhancing the blog design and functionality
  • performing search engine optimization and adding keywords where appropriate
  • ...and several other steps that set the stage for lead attraction, engagement and conversion

Like developing an entirely new site, the cost depends on a number of factors, but a general ballpark for site migration and modification is between $10,000—$25,000.




Ongoing Improvement

During each GDD continuous improvement cycle, modifications with the potential to improve the site’s performance are implemented, based on user data that show how users are (and aren’t) using the site. Typically, budgets are between $4k-$9k per month.


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