5 Reasons To Invest In Inbound Marketing Before Adding A Sales Rep

February 20, 2012

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Posted by Tami Wessley

investininboundorsalesrepWith the economy finally starting to make gains, specialty manufacturers and professional services providers are taking a critical look at what they can do to move out of survival mode and start growing. Since leads and customers are the key to growth, many organizations immediately start thinking of hiring additional sales reps to cultivate prospects. But is that the right solution? Not always. In many cases, jumpstarting lead generation and improving ROI is better handled through investing in Inbound Marketing.

Why? Here are the top five reasons:

1. Generates leads 24/7 – No matter how dedicated your potential new rep is, he or she can’t generate leads around-the-clock like Inbound Marketing. With Inbound Marketing, your content and offers attract leads on their schedule, without restrictions. After hours, when not dedicated to handling day-to-day activities, is often when your prospects have time to look for potential solutions to their challenges.

2. Five “experts” for the price of one – When hiring an Inbound Marketing agency, your organization has access to a strategist, a social media expert, an experienced web designer, a content developer and an analyst for about the same cost as adding one sales rep.

3. Qualified leads, every time – Because prospects identify themselves and willingly share contact information in exchange for your content, every lead is prequalified before ever making a live connection. Potential buyers come to you rather than having to search them out. Visit our Resources to learn where conversion is happening in your industry, what industries are using social media and which are not, how to formulate a marketing strategy for each channel, and which resources will help you become an expert in the various social media channels.

4. No leads left behind – Even with the best intentions, personal follow-up sometimes falls short. Fortunately, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Lead Nurturing tool automates follow-up communications based on your prescribed timing and messages. Leads never fall through the cracks!

5. Reduced cost per lead - In 2011, the average cost per lead for outbound-dominated businesses was $373, while inbound businesses reported their leads cost on average $143. Inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience a 62% lower cost per lead than outbound marketing dominated organizations.

We're certainly not advising against adding sales people to your organization – quite the opposite! By letting your Inbound Marketing generate qualified leads, you’ll be letting your sales people do what they do best – build personal relationships and close the deal!

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Written by Tami Wessley

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