HubSpot How-To: Using AI Tools for Sales Call Summaries & Transcripts

Brian Loesch
Posted by Brian Loesch on May 2, 2024

Every single contact with customers and prospects is important for generating business and developing lasting relationships. Smart sales reps treat sales calls like gold, so keeping a reliable record should be a top priority.

HubSpot’s Call Recording and Call Intelligence features now have additional capabilities and power within Sales Hub.

Sales and marketing teams using HubSpot can leverage new artificial intelligence (AI) tools directly in the CRM platform, reducing your effort and boosting confidence that you’re handling issues swiftly and correctly.

In the video above, I demonstrate: 

  • how to use AI to transcribe a sales call and then summarize the call transcription (or manual notes), all without leaving the platform, which is a critical time-saver
  • how easy it is to track, review, and document phone calls using the AI assistant within Sales Hub

Plus, if you don’t conduct calls using HubSpot’s native calling feature, you can still integrate with outside call services to transcribe and summarize sales calls.

Using AI-infused capabilities is easy within HubSpot, giving you complete control over every word. If you heard something on a call not captured in the summary, simply add to what the AI provided. Watch the video to see these tools in action.

Video Transcript | HubSpot Sales Hub AI Features: Call Summaries & Transcripts 

Hi, another AI update. If you make phone calls through HubSpot, you’re probably already familiar with HubSpot’s Call Recording and Call Intelligence features. They’re really great tools for tracking calls, reviewing phone calls, they’re good for training, and good for just having an idea of what’s gone on in these phone calls.

Another great tool that HubSpot has added to it now is the ability to generate a call summary through AI.

ai call summary

If you go into your settings and enable AI, it's going to enable this feature to generate a call summary.

So if this is a 2-minute phone call that I made to a prospect, and you can click on the call here, Review Recording, and see the phone call. You can see our conversation going on right here, and you can listen in on sections if you want to listen in directly.

However, if you don't have time for that, you can just use this new feature and click Generate Call Summary, and it's now generating the call summary for me. And there it is, it generated this call summary:

“Brian from ABC Manufacturing, connects with Matt from Wisconsin Home to discuss how ABC Manufacturing can assist with this product procurement needs.”

It provided a great summary of this phone call. This is exactly what we talked about. Great feature.

Now, if you don’t make calls directly through HubSpot, that’s no problem either. HubSpot also created their new Transcripts AI that allows you to securely send call recordings to HubSpot using an authenticated URL.

They even added a Recording Ready property so you can easily let HubSpot know when a recording is ready for processing.

Between these two tools, you’ve got a lot of great features that AI is enabling for you that’s going to make your job a lot easier and make things easier to track and review phone calls going forward.

If you need help with any of this, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us over here at Weidert. We have experts in HubSpot and AI, and we’re happy to help you get this all set up for you. Thanks!

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