Why Find a HubSpot Partner to Help With Objectives-Based Onboarding

Brian Loesch
Posted by Brian Loesch on March 16, 2023
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When a manufacturer purchases a powerful new piece of equipment for a process, they nearly always need expert onboarding and guidance to optimize the machines and train key operators.


Because equipment users need to know not only a system’s capabilities and how to interact with its components, but also the optimal settings for their application. They need assurance that they have the right structures in place for it to work smoothly. They need to understand and plan for ongoing maintenance.

And the same is true for your CRM solution and the teams in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service who use it to do their jobs.

That’s why HubSpot onboarding has an important place in a CRM implementation — especially if your long-term plan doesn’t involve working with an inbound agency.

And for your onboarding experience to deliver the best value, it needs to be structured around your company’s specific business goals and objectives, rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach.

Here’s why it’s so important to look for a HubSpot partner that follows objectives-based onboarding practices to get your inbound marketing program up and running faster, more efficiently, and more successfully.

HubSpot is a High-Powered Marketing, Sales, and Service Engine

“We chose HubSpot so our teams can ____ more effectively.”

How did you fill in the blank?

If you recently decided on HubSpot Marketing Hub or Sales Hub, congratulations — you now have access to literally hundreds of intuitive, user-friendly tools and customizable capabilities. Your people will be amazed (and maybe a little overwhelmed) at what’s possible.

HubSpot’s ecosystem of capabilities is vast and ever-expanding, but chances are you don’t have a lot of time to probe around in functionalities you don’t need right now. And in the meantime, you have marketing and sales goals to meet. If you’re still in the early stages of championing inbound at your company, you’ll want to demonstrate some quick wins, like increasing website traffic or converting more visitors into leads.

And that’s how proper HubSpot onboarding can pay dividends in efficiency and productivity. Objectives-based onboarding can help you achieve specific goals while building competency with your new CRM’s tools and resources. Your team can quickly get up to speed using the capabilities that best address your needs.

What is Objectives-Based Onboarding?

Objectives-based onboarding is a strategy that blends technical and strategic guidance, designed to help you meet your goals faster.

Because it’s structured around your top priorities, you can build competency while moving quickly toward ROI — and then toward maximizing your CRM investment. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. During the HubSpot sales process, you clarify your top objectives with the sales team, and they share them with your onboarding specialist.
  2. Initially, you’ll identify one or two immediate goals you want to achieve using HubSpot.
  3. Your goals are used to create self-directed projects within your HubSpot portal and serve as a structured guide for your onboarding.
  4. Your onboarding specialist serves as your single point of contact for all your HubSpot-related questions.
  5. Your onboarding consultant is also an adviser on strategic uses of HubSpot’s tools to best meet your objectives
  6. They’ll also act as a project manager to walk your team through your onboarding projects, assigning tasks, holding folks accountable, and meeting with you regularly to help keep you on track.

Most new HubSpot users complete onboarding in 60-90 days, but the beauty of an objectives-based approach is that you go into your HubSpot training period with certainty about the competencies you’ll have when you’re done.

How Do You Know If Objectives-Based Onboarding is Right for You?

If any of the following statements sound familiar, consider guided onboarding from a partner agency as your best HubSpot training option for better, faster results:

“I’m championing inbound marketing at my company, it hasn’t yet been proven in my industry, and I’m not 100% confident in my inbound knowledge.”

“My inbound knowledge is solid and I want to (or have to) do it on my own, but I want to avoid beginner mistakes and pitfalls, and make sure I get the first steps right.”

“I need fast results, and I know it takes time to get up to speed on a comprehensive inbound program … but I also know working with an experienced team can cut that time in half.”

“I’m making the inbound transition, but slowly and without an inbound agency.”

Do You Really “Miss Out” Without Objectives-Based Onboarding?

Could you implement HubSpot CRM and start your inbound program without it? HubSpot is intuitive and easy to use, sure. And Knowledge Base and HubSpot Academy are two go-to sources of information that hold the answers to a lot (and the Help Center has even more). 

But it’s hard to ignore the differences between access to online information and a customized, guided onboarding experience with a real human HubSpot expert:

  1. Guided, objectives-based onboarding centers around customer needs and processes, rather than the CRM’s systems.
  2. Once you and your onboarding specialist agree on the specifics of your definition of success, those become your goals, not some curriculum built around the most commonly used components.
  3. Objectives-based onboarding meets you where you are and tailors a path toward your top priorities, so if you’re already competent and confident with some capabilities, you won’t waste time going in-depth on them again.
  4. If your processes require integrations between HubSpot and other solutions in your tech stack, your onboarding specialist can help you make sure your tools all work together as intended.

So if you’re close to purchasing a HubSpot license and your budget means using it without agency support, see what kind of ground you could cover — and what quick wins could be yours — in just 13 weeks. Click below to learn more about guided onboarding with a Weidert Group expert.

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