Why Go HubSpot for Inbound Success

HubSpot — The Best All-in-One Marketing, Sales, and Service Platform. 

There are a lot of online platforms out there that claim to help your company attract, engage, and delight both prospective and existing customers. So, why go HubSpot?

Because HubSpot can actually deliver on that promise. Read below to find out how and then contact us for a demo.



In today’s competitive landscape, you need it all: CRM, CMS, email marketing, marketing automation, remarkable customer service, frictionless sales and, just as importantly, a frictionless experience for teams who use the tools.

HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM with a suite of marketing, sales, service, and website tools that does it all. It’s this holistic approach that keeps the flywheel spinning and your pipeline full.

One of the best parts? With HubSpot, you won’t need to piece together various programs, hoping they “play nice” together, let alone learn how to master each one. But if you like a tool you already have, you’ll be relieved to know that HubSpot seamlessly integrates with hundreds of other apps and platforms to help further power your inbound marketing efforts.

Why We Use HubSpot

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Why use HubSpot? It's simple. It works.

Weidert Group is a HubSpot Diamond partner agency, and we work exclusively with HubSpot. That’s intentional because we truly believe it’s the best. Actually, it goes beyond just believing. We’ve helped countless clients transition to HubSpot who’ve used other popular platforms and have witnessed the impact HubSpot has on their business. Are we biased? Sure. But that’s for good reason.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) tool. 

HubSpot offers a full suite of software centered around the inbound approach to help businesses and their customers grow better. The platform offers different Hubs with features that serve the entire organization, not just a single department:

Key Functionalities of HubSpot Across Teams

Sales Teams.

Get detailed reports and real-time visibility into your sales pipeline, deal tracking, and company insights. Manage contacts, schedule meetings, and get notifications when leads open your emails, all with very little learning curve.


Do it all, right within the HubSpot marketing platform. Create websites and landing pages, conversion forms, chatbots, blogs, and more. Craft and send bulk email campaigns, manage contacts and ads, catapult your SEO, and monitor detailed analytics all in one easy-to-use portal. When it comes to CMS platform comparisons, HubSpot wins out every time.

Customer Service.

A universal inbox and dashboard helps every service rep monitor real-time activities, allowing them to engage in live chat, manage interactions, assign tickets, track customer feedback, and reply to every conversation faster and more accurately to enhance customer experiences.


Operations managers appreciate tools that make life easier and save time. HubSpot users can leverage more than 500 third-party integrations and improve efficiencies with productivity tools, reporting dashboards, forms, and contact management.

Business Owners.

Equip yourself and your teams with the tools they need to manage contacts, track prospects, create content, and send emails in one platform. Then, get rid of those excel spreadsheets and that stack of prospects’ business cards.

What is Inbound Growth?


As you can see, inbound growth isn’t just marketing, it’s not just sales, nor is it just service. It requires alignment and buy-in between all these teams.

Do your sales, marketing, and service teams all need to log into their own software systems to manage contacts and daily tasks? This siloed approach to digital marketing and sales inevitably leads to errors, duplicate entries, crossed signals, and missed opportunities. 

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HubSpot’s CRM platform helps fuel inbound growth by eliminating headaches and removing friction associated with a piecemeal technology stack and providing an all-in-one centralized, integrated system. It’s about shared goals, a centralized system of record, and automation of tasks and handoffs so people can focus on things only people can do.

Using the same code and methodology across functionalities, HubSpot’s entire platform is built from the ground up by their own developers, not through acquisitions of other platforms that need to be modified and cobbled together.

This means consistent and accurate data within a single tool that improves efficiencies, helps increase productivity, and is easy to use.

Translation: You don’t need an IT expert to make simple changes, run reports, or access data across all departments.

Inbound growth with HubSpot makes it easy for teams to work as one in a transparent and integrated system so everyone is on the same page and working together toward the same growth goals.

Does your organization make it easy for customers to do business with you by removing points of friction in the customer experience? HubSpot can help.

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Marketo, Salesforce, and WordPress vs HubSpot

While platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, and WordPress all have unique features that may set them apart, organizations need to ask themselves which will serve their company’s growth goals the best and have greater ROI. 

We’ve discovered key differentiating features of HubSpot that function better than other CRM, Marketing Automation, and CMS programs. When comparing all factors, HubSpot provides a better overall user experience and value.


  • CRM. Salesforce costs more than HubSpot for comparable features 
  • Marketing Automation. Marketo has three pricing tiers. Pricing is based on database size, and the price jumps significantly per month with each, with relatively few upgrades
  • CMS. Wordpress costs less up front, but you need to add on for site hosting, developer fees, security monitoring, storage, and backups

Ease of use.

  • Hands down, HubSpot wins for user experience. Unlike the others, its platform was designed by a team of developers for the sole purpose of inbound sales and marketing, not by piecing together third-party acquisitions


  • HubSpot is compatible with more than 500 apps, including Outlook, Vimeo, Zoom, Databox, major social media platforms, and hundreds more, creating an ecosystem of integrated functionalities


  • HubSpot Marketing Hub ranked #1 for best software products by G2. With its lead nurturing, notifications, personalized workflows, and other capabilities, you’ll recapture time throughout your day to focus on strategic next steps instead of laborious administrative tasks

User support. 

  • Unless it’s somewhere besides planet Earth, we don’t know of a more exhaustive online library of inbound marketing training resources than HubSpot Academy. Best part is, their training videos and educational materials are free, so you can get a running start


  • As you grow your business, you need to know that your CRM and CMS will grow with you. With HubSpot, you can start with a free version to test the waters and scale up from there. Other platforms may allow you to customize your options, too, but the flexibility and control that HubSpot offers is hard to beat

How Will HubSpot Help in Executing Our Inbound Strategy?

One of the biggest benefits of HubSpot CMS and CRM is how it promotes sales, marketing and service team alignment within your organization. We’ve seen too many companies where the three teams have almost an adversarial relationship, acting independently of each other. 

With HubSpot’s CRM-powered automation tools for marketing, sales, and service, everyone uses the same system and works toward the same goals with transparent 360º reporting and ROI attribution.

But we’ve been using Salesforce for years, and our team is dead set against switching platforms.

It doesn’t need to be all or nothing. HubSpot knew there’d be situations where other platforms might come into play, so they engineered a solution to integrate HubSpot with Salesforce and other data analytics platforms. 

HubSpot Pricing - What Level of License Do I Need?

If you’re convinced like we are that HubSpot is the best overall marketing and sales platform for business, you’ll need to determine which license level to go with. Do you need all the bells and whistles, or can you get by with the bare minimum? A lot depends on how many pages your website has, the number of contacts, desired features, etc.

HubSpot does have some free options with basic functionalities, allowing you to get a feel for the platform before investing in a more robust package. Many organizations choose to bundle services to customize the product to their needs.

That said, here’s a basic HubSpot pricing overview:

Free Paid options
Free Starter Professional Enterprise
  Marketing Hub
Marketing Hub $45 $800 $3,200
  CMS Hub
CMS Hub $25 $270 $900
  Sales Hub
Sales Hub $45 $450 $1,200
  Service Hub
Service Hub $45 $360 $1,200
  Operations Hub
Operations Hub $45 $720
  CRM Suite Bundles
CRM Suite Bundles $45 $1,600 $4,000

*Visit HubSpot’s pricing page for most current general pricing, and reach out to Weidert Group for a customized quote.

Did you notice that HubSpot’s CRM is free? Pricing structures can shift based on the number of marketing and non-marketing contacts used in Marketing Hub, as well as seats for sales and service hubs.  

Additional features are added to each Hub with each HubSpot pricing tier. A Professional Marketing Hub, for example, will get you everything in the Starter package plus marketing automation, blog pages, account based marketing, SEO recommendations, A/B email testing, video hosting, and custom reporting. The Enterprise Marketing Hub adds another layer, giving you up to 10,000 marketing contacts, custom objects, programmable chatbots, predictive lead scoring, revenue attribution, and much more.

Growth Suite bundles offer a 25% discount for bundling marketing, sales, and service hub licenses, giving you all the tools you need to grow your business in one integrated platform.


Tell Me More

We’re happy to talk through the benefits of HubSpot and how it can address your unique B2B challenges, and how Weidert Group can help you determine the best pricing level, strategize next steps, and fully leverage its capabilities. Request a free consultation today.