Weidert Group & OverGo Studio: What the HubSpot Agency Merger Means for You

Greg Linnemanstons
Posted by Greg Linnemanstons on June 29, 2023
weidert group and overgo

If you haven’t already heard the exciting news, Weidert Group and OverGo Studio have merged! Combined, we will be known as Weidert Group, and we’ve now added more strengths to an already strong position as an inbound growth agency — particularly in how we can help clients implement a RevOps approach.

I chatted with OverGo Studio founder and president Rick Kranz (who will now serve as the agency’s Director of RevOps) about the merger and what this means for our clients, and we’d like to share a few highlights from this conversation.

Watch the video of our discussion or, if you’re not able to view it now, take a look at the key points summarized below.

Video: Greg Linnemanstons and Rick Kranz Discuss Weidert Group’s Expanded Capabilities

Key Takeaways

Nice to Meet You!

Rick and I didn’t just meet recently, shake hands, and decide to merge our companies on a whim; we’ve known each other for about 10 years — having met at Inbound — and Rick was impressed with the culture and accomplishments of Weidert Group. Joining forces felt like a natural fit, with complementary cultures, business models, and capabilities.

Mutual Appreciation

Rick was attracted to Weidert Group because the amount of talent we have is, and I quote, “insane!” (The feeling is mutual, Rick!)

Rick’s Primary Focus

Where the former OverGo team will primarily put their focus is Sales Enablement. They work with CRM systems (preferably from HubSpot) with a goal of achieving 100% adoption from anyone who intends to use the CRM. They succeed in this by integrating other applications that simplify the process for the teams — the heart of a RevOps approach — to a point where they just can’t stop using it!

How OverGo Has Helped Its Clients by Taking Extra Steps

One way OverGo has made the CRMs so helpful for their clients is by taking steps beyond what’s normally expected. For example, with manufacturing clients, they’ll not only set up the pipeline for deals for the sales team, but they’ll also upload all the clients’ manufacturing SKUs, including the raw materials needed for a specific product. 

When the salesperson is building the deal, they’re able to pull the product, which then pulls all the SKUs for the raw materials involved. Advanced reports are created from this information on dashboards accessible to the sales, operations, and finance teams — making for a cohesive, simple process.

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Even More Knowledge and Experience in the Manufacturing Industry

Many of our clients are now seeing a lot of leads and new business, and with the merger of Weidert Group and OverGo Studio, we’ll have a better capacity for improving clients’ RevOps for a process with even less friction. Weidert Group’s existing clients now have a greater opportunity to benefit from OverGo Studio’s exceptional RevOps expertise. 

It also helps that Rick previously owned a manufacturing firm for 15 years, where he learned about CRMs and creating a more seamless, centralized process for businesses.

“Rowing in the Same Direction”

This merger allows us to expand the promise of what Weidert Group means to our clients. Rick’s experience as a sales manager gave him valuable insight into both sales and marketing. Better understanding sales helped him better understand marketing, and his best marketing ideas came from sales teams. It’s exciting implementing different CRM systems throughout the years and getting different teams within a business rowing in the same direction.

A Better Weidert Group with the Team from OverGo Studio

We can’t wait to take this one-on-one to all of our collective clients and let them see all the possibilities we jointly represent.

An exciting new chapter lies ahead!

What a RevOps Approach Can Do for Your Business

We’ve said RevOps a lot here, and it’s not just the latest trend; RevOps can truly transform the way your company does business by eliminating redundancies and connecting separate departments to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Want to learn more? Click the link below and download our free eBook, RevOps for Complex B2B Industrials & Manufacturers.


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