12 Types of Marketing Videos Your Team Needs Now

Meg Hoppe
Posted by Meg Hoppe on October 5, 2023

Video has taken over as the top medium for reaching target audiences and engaging with existing and prospective customers.

Look at these stats from Wyzowl.1

  • 91% of customers want to see more online videos from brands
  • 89% of customers were convinced to buy something after watching a video
  • 92% of marketers say they’ve gotten a good ROI with video

Customers want video, so give them a show! 

The process of creating videos isn’t as complicated as you might think. And once you’ve created them, they’re assets you can use again and again. Share them on social platforms. Parse them into video ads. Embed them in a blog post. The possibilities are nearly endless.

With video marketing, your business has opportunities to connect with those you already serve and those looking for new solutions. Videos allow you to build trust, create awareness, and so much more. Let’s look at some of the types of marketing videos you can use to make it all happen.

Continue reading below or, better yet, watch the “video of videos” above to hear from our VP of Creative, Meg Hoppe (wait, that's me!) and Creative Director of Video, Todd Dively. We share sneak peeks of each of these types of videos as well! 

Video Content Marketing Ideas

Here are a dozen of the most powerful video types within complex B2B industries that you can leverage to gain more customers and build on your existing customer relationships.

1. Product Overview

Sometimes still images and copy alone don’t fully paint the picture. Giving viewers an in-depth look at how something works in a product video is one of the finest examples of how showing versus telling can be so effective.

96% of customers learn better from video!1

2. About Us

Who are you? What solutions are you providing? What’s your culture? This is your chance to tell your story with visuals and audio to complement any blocks of text. It’s quick, and it gives you a boost in credibility in minutes — even seconds.

3. Sales Outreach

What’s better than a dime-a-dozen sales email that’ll almost certainly get buried in an inbox? A personalized video that’s more engaging and allows your salespeople to communicate in an almost face-to-face way while grabbing and keeping the customer’s attention.

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4. Testimonials

Reviews, word of mouth anecdotes, and customer testimonials discussing their own experiences with you are powerful and persuasive. Use video to show your customers explaining — unscripted and authentically — their interactions with your business. This can often be a deciding factor to push a prospect to move forward.

5. Case Study

Similar to a written case study, a video case study presents a valuable real-world example of a success story from one of your customers. But here, viewers learn about it through moving visuals and audio to make it more memorable. 

6. Top Questions

Take some of the most frequent questions your customer service and sales teams get and answer them on video. Promote product benefits and eliminate buyer hesitation — and you can even use such videos as opportunities to compare against competitors.

7. How-To

People love to learn, so give them a chance with an engaging video that walks through certain procedures or how to use your products. Like a more visual instruction manual, if you will.

8. Explainer

Explainer videos break down complicated processes and make them easier to digest. Explain a product or service, or even a concept, in exciting ways through video, animation, or both.

9. Before & After

Seeing the result of using one of your products is a powerful way to convey your capabilities in an instant. Side-by-side footage or photography, or even animation, can be used to show the impressive results.

Internal & HR Videos

Let’s not forget videos for the internal team and recruiting! Marketing and HR departments are often intertwined. HR may rely on Marketing to help create content that attracts, engages, and delights job candidates just as marketing content does for leads. Here are just a few examples of internal and external HR videos:

10. Culture

Go deeper than your About Us video with a look at your company’s culture. Show your employees at work, at a company picnic, taking a break, and talking with customers. Prospective employees get a sense of what they might expect working there, while customers see a snapshot of your values in action and what you bring to the table when working with them.

11. Day-in-the-Life

People considering applying for a job with you might want to see beyond the written job description to eliminate any hesitancy. Capture a typical day in that position and make it accessible to those who are wondering if they’re the right fit.

12. Employee Onboarding

Keep your onboarding and training consistent and engaging with step-by-step videos going over important concepts, such as filling out paperwork or conducting safety training. Having these on video means employees can rewatch at any time.

Other video types we didn’t mention here include email signatures, webinars, and product promos. Want to see 21 more ideas we have? See below to get our free guide to B2B videos.

Additional Video Resources from Weidert Group

Our free guide, 33 Types of Marketing & Sales Videos, lists ideas and even production cost estimates for how you can reach your audiences the way they want

You can access the entire guide by clicking below. We’ve also updated our video services page, so be sure to check it out!

We hope these resources spark some ideas, and we look forward to working together to bring those ideas to life.

33 types of marketing and sales videos

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33 types of marketing and sales videos guide