weidert group wins hubspot grow better marketing awardStrouse Corporation is a precision die cutter and flexible material adhesive converter that provides customers with complex, multi-layered products. Strouse realized they needed to convey their market advantage — solving unique problems with expert engineering and manufacturing — using updated, modern messaging.


The Problem

Strouse manufactures over 800 custom adhesive products per year and helps customers solve their problems using expert engineering and manufacturing. Strouse’s website and marketing programs weren’t communicating what the company was delivering: truly world-class products, engineering, and support. Updated, modern messaging — provided by a HubSpot partner with inbound expertise — was the answer.

The Goals

  • Update Strouse’s existing brand messaging to effectively communicate what the company delivers
  • Leverage Strouse’s experience to engage the right prospects, targeting large enterprises over startups
  • Scrutinize Strouse’s SEO strategy and create tactics to improve performance
  • Elevate Strouse’s inbound marketing efforts to a higher level to achieve KPIs and reach short- and long-term lead generation goals
  • Generate more SQLs and new sales opportunities

The Solution

Strouse wanted to drive results in all stages of the flywheel, so HubSpot Marketing Hub and CMS Hub Professionals were deployed to implement a threefold solution:

  1. Inbound marketing program implementation — Foundational and in-depth strategy work to generate quick wins, plus an ongoing inbound program to help Strouse attract, engage, and delight prospects and customers
  2. New website — We leveraged technology (HubSpot CMS, LuckyOrange, Google Search Console, Databox) to identify improvement areas in order to offer visitors and customers a more robust and streamlined experience
  3. Paid advertising campaign — To accelerate lead gen of MQLs and SQLs, we executed a paid ad campaign of $2,500 per month (Facebook, Instagram, Google) and made continuous updates to keywords, ad graphics, and spending to optimize results

The Results

Strouse experienced an increase in organic traffic and leads due to their new website and SEO strategies. Year-over-year website statistics show the results:

  • 100%+ growth in several SEO metrics
  • 90% increase in quote requests
  • 4+ straight months of all-time high organic website sessions
  • 189% increase in total keywords
  • 521% increase in keywords in the top 3 positions (from 28 to 174)
  • First paid advertising campaign resulted in an immediate $80,000 sale
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growth in several SEO metrics


increase in quote requests


months of all-time high organic website sessions

“We’re very pleased with Weidert Group’s expertise and hard work. We had great success with the paid ad campaign, landing an $80,000 sale with one customer.”

—Scott Chambers, Strouse Business Development Manager