What Is Inbound Marketing?

October 21, 2011

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Posted by Meg Hoppe

whatisinboundWe’re often asked, “So, exactly what is Inbound Marketing?” For answers, we have an Elevator Speech, a Painfully Long Version, the Version For Those Who Know A Little, One For Those Who Know A Lot, and a Version For Those Who Are Just Being Polite.

To all, my favorite reply is, “Inbound Marketing is creating an online vacuum that sucks in qualified leads.” If that’s not enough information, here’s a nutshell that explains Inbound Marketing to the un-, under-, and/or hyper-educated:

Inbound Marketing is a specific set of marketing tools and processes that require you to:

  • ...look at the facts. Recognize that today, the Internet is how people research, decide, and buy. Not just consumer purchases, but B2B, too.

  • ...optimize your site. Put your business first on search engine results by making your site friendly to search engines. Not just friendly, really: downright amorous.

  • ...create valuable content that demonstrates your expertise. Make sure what's on your site answers prospects question, "What's in it for me?" and “Why you?” Add to it often.

  • ...convert traffic into leads, then nurture those leads. Execute a turnkey process that targets, then responds, to prospects' interests.

All this is executed seamlessly with the help of software (the best was developed by HubSpot, a highly respected leader in the field) and is fully integrated with your CMS.

With an Inbound Marketing agency at your side to help develop a strategy and do SEO, web design, content creation and more (Hey! I know one you should talk to!), you’ll have turned your website into the hardest working sales tool you have – and the one with the greatest ROI.

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whole brain marketing blog author
Written by Meg Hoppe

Meg provides creative vision to all client projects and serves as the agency's chief content writer. She has extensive experience writing for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, and healthcare. Meg started in advertising and has become a thought leader in digital content creation and inbound marketing.

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