9 Inspiring And Effective Call-to-Action Graphics

Frank Isca
Posted by Frank Isca on August 7, 2012

effective_CTAWith an overabundance of content competing for everyone's attention online, it can be a challenge to entice action from prospective customers when they're browsing your website or blog. Your ultimate goal is obviously to direct those visitors to a targeted landing page where they can convert as a lead, or depending on your business, convert as a new sale. This conversion starts with one of the most important graphic elements that should be displayed throughout your site – your call-to-action (CTA) graphics.

To help get your creative juices flowing on creating more impactful CTAs, here's a look at 9 inspiring and effective CTA buttons that have caught our eye.

1. HootSuite Account Sign Up

The folks at HootSuite have a great product and reputation on their side to entice others to sign up for their kick ass social media management platform, but regardless, they've crafted some powerful CTAs .This side-by-side comparison of their PRO and FREE products helps best position their paid service. Notice the 30-Day Free Trial and color comparison displayed on the PRO CTA.

HootSuite CTA Button

2. Spotify Account Sign Up

Who doesn't love free music? Well, in just over a year, Spotify has figured out the winning formula for building a social, on demand music site that continues to dominate this space. They've also created some simple yet effective CTAs in that time, including this one that's currently featured on their home page.

Spotify Sign Up CTA

3. Free HubSpot Demo

Another great example of simplicity at its best is this CTA from the team at HubSpot for their free software demo. It's clear to the viewer what the benefit is if they act on receiving a demo, and it's clear that the demo is customized for them.

HubSpot Demo CTA

4. DISH Network

When it comes to TV services, we're all looking for more for less. DISH Network plays on that point in this CTA comparing the cost savings of their service over DIRECTV.

Dish Network CTA

5. GoToMeeting Account Sign Up

Similar to the HootSuite CTA displayed above, GoToMeeting uses a side-by-side comparison for the main CTA on their home page – leading with the offer for a 30-Day Free Trial. There's no doubt they would love a visitor to buy their product on the spot, but they know if they can entice a free trial they have a greater chance of converting site visitors into a new customer. Hence the reason the Try It Free Button is displayed first and uses the color orange to encourage attraction.

GoToMeeting CTA Graphic
6. Memorial City Cardiology Associates

A great health care example of CTAs done right, is Memorial City Cardiology Associates. Their home page features a rotating module of very compelling CTAs, like the one included here, that speak to a wide variety of issues that resonate with prospective patients.

Memorial City Cardiology Associates

7. IMPACT Branding & Design

The pros over at IMPACT Branding & Design know a few things on creating striking CTAs, including this one for one of their free eBooks. They've captured an attention-grabbing headline and a powerful visual of the eBook, and leverage the color green to entice action.

Impact Branding CTA Graphic

8. Mozilla Firefox

Paired with their beautifully designed website, Firefox has been known to have well-crafted CTAs for their browser download. Another great example of a simple design paired with compelling copy, and again, the color green to inspire action!

Firefox CTA Graphic

9. Weidert Group Social Media Jumpstart

Looking at our own CTA analytics, one of our newest CTAs is also our best performing – achieving a 7.1% views to clicks ratio. The action-oriented headline paired with the accompanying visual is obviously attracting attention and click-thrus, and it doesn't hurt we're also in the middle of the 2012 Olympic Games!

Social Media Jumpstart_HomePage Small

Hopefully these examples help inspire the creation of your own CTA graphics so you can begin converting more qualified leads and new sales from your website or blog. To learn more on how the implementation of CTA graphics and targeted landing pages fit into an overall Inbound Marketing strategy, check out our Free Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing

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