7 Best Manufacturing Videos & Industrial Advertising Examples

Eric Severstad
Posted by Eric Severstad on May 26, 2022

Nearly nine out of 10 businesses use video as part of their content marketing strategies, and just as many say they get a good return on investment from it. Those are just a few of the B2B video statistics that prove it’s an effective tool for business.

If you’re not using video, you’re already behind the competition. But if you’re like many other B2B marketers, you’re probably wondering where to start and how to incorporate video into your marketing flywheel

Need some inspiration? Whether you’re a behemoth in your industry or a family-owned business, these seven best manufacturing video examples (in our opinion) should spark some ideas of your own.

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1. Illustrate Product or Service Features with Animation

Animation can be an inspiring way to take a product video from bland to grand. It can be attention-grabbing and memorable, demonstrating product features and processes in a way that’s more dynamic than live action. This example from Pumptec, an American manufacturer of high-pressure pump equipment, helps viewers understand which features are important when choosing a pump for use with harsh chemicals.

2. Take a Quick Look with Time Lapse

Showcase new construction, the life of a product, the capabilities of a new machine, even the traffic at a trade show event! Time lapse videos can provide a quick insight into hours, days, weeks, months, or even years of work. Such is the case with NASA’s building of the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology aircraft (QueSST) that shows a nearly two-year time lapse in less than a minute. Giving the viewer this summarized version with an industrial video can highlight productivity, displaying how things are accomplished and how teams work together. 

3. Take on a New Angle with Aerial and Drone Footage

People love to see things from a new perspective! The capabilities of drones continue to advance and make it possible to use a video to showcase “the big picture.” You might think of drone videos always taking place outdoors, but they can also take an overview of a warehouse, show a manufacturing facility, highlight real estate features — there are so many possibilities. Take, for example, this amazing video from Tesla’s factory in Berlin, Germany showing the production process for their vehicles.

4. Make Yourself Known with “About Us” Video

Tell your story! Reading a page of copy about what sets your company apart and the products and features you offer can be a bit of a snoozefest, but a good “about us” video can communicate what you do, why you do it, and how it gets done. These types of videos are also great for showing how a company got started, the atmosphere, the personalities of the staff, personal perspectives of the company and more, and all within a short, digestible minute or two.


Why Falcon Structures Video

Honorable mentions

Here are two other About Us video examples from some of Weidert Group’s manufacturing clients: adhesive converter Strouse, and Körber tissue

5. Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

Nearly every manufacturer is experiencing a skilled labor shortage. Some struggle to overcome the stigma that manufacturing jobs are tedious and dirty. Modern manufacturing, however, is clean, efficient, and innovative, providing a pleasant work environment that surprises many would-be employees. For them, seeing is believing. Check out this recruiting video example from our friends at Kaysun, a precision injection molding manufacturer.

6. Integrate Product Information with Customer Testimonials

A product video can be powerful on its own, and so can customer testimonials, but the combination is what can really drive home the unique value you’re offering. Flaunt your success stories while informing the audience about all the ways your product can work for them. Let your customers do the talking for you and demonstrate your value in ways you never could, like this example.

7. Take a Virtual Facility Tour

Before customers decide on which manufacturing facility to issue their multi-million dollar purchase order to, they often request a facility tour. During the pandemic, most of those activities shut down overnight. Virtual video tours helped overcome that hurdle. They are a great way to show your company’s equipment, quality, and people, allowing prospective customers to better understand why you deserve their business. This simple, no-frills example from Weidert Group client, Fox Valley Metal-Tech, a provider of complex fabrications for critical defense and commercial applications, walks prospects through their facility — from the front door to meeting rooms, and raw material handling to the production floor.

Getting started with video can seem intimidating for industrial marketers and sales teams, but it’s not a digital space you want to ignore. Need help creating new content? Check out our library of video marketing resources below. Then, contact our team to talk through your marketing and video needs.

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