The Importance of Change Management in CRM Implementation

Mary Rockman
Posted by Mary Rockman on March 7, 2023
james wanke of hubspot to speak at experience inbound conference

You spend a lot of money on your tech stack, but is your team fully implementing and using the right CRM platform? If not, it may be time for a change.

But change isn’t always easy or met with open arms. That’s especially true when it’s time to trade in the old ways and implement new processes. 

CRM change management involves getting a handle on processes that can be daunting, exhausting, and time-consuming. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor should it; this kind of major change in technology and protocol must be done with care while ensuring proper steps are taken so people on your team don’t feel lost – and will continue to adapt to and embrace the new processes. 

That’s where the management aspect really comes into focus.

What is Change Management?

Change management is the people side of change — working with people who have questions, who may be skeptical, or who are just plain unsure or inexperienced with the latest technology as you go through implementation.

Change management doesn’t mean saying “my way or the highway” when bringing a new CRM into the picture; it’s about addressing concerns, offering flexibility, and teaching people the right way at the right pace.

But how do you accomplish this without alienating employees and wasting resources?

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HubSpot’s James Wanke Speaks About CRM Change Management

James Wanke, a pre-sales consultant at HubSpot with years of experience in the support and customer success fields, will be presenting an important breakout session on the topic of CRM change management at both days of Experience Inbound — Wisconsin’s premier inbound marketing and sales conference.

Titled, “Be the Change You Wish to See in Your CRM, Through Change Management,” James’s breakout session will cover such key topics as:

  • Accounting for the human element when rolling out a new CRM
  • Using change management best practices
  • Tracking, translating, and delivering actionable adoption metrics
  • And more!

Hear what James has to say about what you can expect from his session:

Buy Your Ticket to Experience Inbound Today!

James’s breakout session will be a great educational experience for anyone with intermediate or advanced knowledge of the marketing technology world, and there are plenty of reasons to mark your calendars for this conference!

Experience Inbound is in its 8th year, and it’s happening April 26 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay and April 27 at American Family Field in Milwaukee (the same presentations are offered on two different days/venues). Tickets cost $259 for each day, and they include breakfast, lunch, refreshments, access to three keynote speeches, nine different breakout sessions, recordings of all sessions following the conference, and an exclusive networking hour.

Simply click the link below to access your tickets. We can’t wait to see you there!

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