Amazing Examples of Industrial Manufacturers Leveraging Video

Jessica Janda
Posted by Jessica Janda on November 27, 2017

successful video.jpgDo you sometimes wonder if you should be doing videos to promote your company and its products – but fear you have nothing to show, or not enough budget?

It’s time to rethink any hesitations you might have, because there are some very compelling reasons to include video on your website – and in your blogs and as viewable/downloadable content. (Some of these reasons are outlined in a Weidert Group post, “The Case for Online Video in Industrial Manufacturing Marketing.”) Videos are without question one of the most effective ways to attract people to your website and turn them into leads (and, ultimately, customers). What keeps most manufacturers from creating content for their websites is that they “don’t know what we’d show.”

We keep a close eye on clients’ industries and the videos being created in that space, and there are a number of industrial manufacturers successfully using video for several different purposes. The list below is in no way exhaustive but will give you some ideas for your own, if your company isn’t already doing video.

Machinery & Capabilities

Rocket International, a national distributor of packaging supplies and equipment, put together a video that showcases the machinery that can be added to a line to place a carry handle to packaging. Carry handles are a relatively new innovation that makes it easier for consumers to grab and keep hold of either single items, like large plastic water bottles, or multi-packs often sold in warehouse stores like Costco.

Product Characteristics

Engman Taylor is an industrial distributor that sells parts and small equipment, and provides a variety of services, too – one of which is 3D printing. The company created this video to combat potential perceptions of 3D printing as not being able to deliver durability, detail and functionality. An actual hands-on demonstration showing the strength of a product made using 3D printing is powerful – far more effective than simply telling the viewer how strong it is.

The company also does a great job highlighting products they distribute in a simple, straightforward way that helps viewers understand how they work and how useful they can be. It’s a basic presentation – no bells or whistles – that’s direct, digestible and real. (Tell me you don’t want that tape measure after watching this!) This approach is ideal for the company’s audience, who don’t have time (or desire) for a lot of hype.

Nercon, a company that makes product handling equipment, also takes a “show, not tell” approach to presenting its products’ features and benefits. When watching this video, it’s easy to understand the value of video: it’s like giving a prospect access to a great salesperson 24/7/365, anywhere he or she wants to learn more about a product and its benefits. Here’s another one of Nercon’s videos, demonstrating how simple it is to ensure proper sanitation protocols for this tool-free sanitary conveyor.

These, too, are simply produced, straightforward videos that don’t require Hollywood-level production methods to create.

Company History/Culture

Company history videos are notoriously long and, well...boring. Oshkosh Corporation takes a smart approach to theirs, breaking their history into chunks and presenting them as a sort of series, called 100 Years in 100 Seconds. Rather than getting “tl:dw” responses to a long-winded video, their snippets are interesting and give viewers the chance to watch as many at a time as they want – and get important messages from each.

Fox Valley Metal Tech gives a glimpse of the types of jobs people perform at this metal fabrication company. More and more companies are using this type of video to support and enhance their recruitment efforts, knowing Millennials looking for jobs are doing so online, and because video can paint a much richer picture than words alone.

With labor shortages sending a chill up the spines of manufacturers today, video should play a key role in making people want to work for your company, and you can do this by highlighting the company culture, open positions, training opportunities, benefits packages, employee testimonials, community giving and more.

Create Excitement

This particular video example wasn’t made by an industrial manufacturer, but it could have been. Red Bull Racing put together a really beautiful, fast-paced video titled, “The Life of a Bolt” that demonstrates all the effort and discipline that goes into making (you guessed it) bolts. The video makes something as mundane as a bolt seem highly integral to the quality of the whole, and as more and more steps in the process are revealed, the viewer gets a strong sense of its quality. As you watch it, imagine this kind of video for your product.

If video isn’t at the top of your content list, put it there. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to beautiful. You can enlist the help of an agency to help produce, but you can also grab your iPhone and start experimenting. And when you see the number of views you’re getting after it’s posted on your site – especially when you see many of them are great prospects – you’ll know it was one of the best marketing decisions you could make.

Learn more about how video fits into an overall inbound marketing strategy by viewing the resource below. 

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