HubSpot How-To: Automate Onboarding for a Closed-Won Deal

Brian Loesch
Posted by Brian Loesch on December 14, 2023

Naturally, selling is the lifeblood of any product-based business. It’s exciting when a new customer commits to a purchase. It’s also a time for ensuring the transaction is seamless, and the ongoing customer experience is consistently high-touch on every level.

How — and how well — you onboard the closed-won deal sets the tone for customer satisfaction with the purchase as well as the future relationship. Simply put, follow-through increases trust. And that’s where HubSpot automation shines.  HubSpot ticket automation,  a feature of Service Hub, can be used to automate onboarding of closed-won deals. It's an easy way to make sure every promise and customer need is accounted for, every time.

I get it. Automating workflows sounds a little intimidating, especially when there’s so much riding on your team’s responsiveness. That’s why I created this HubSpot tutorial video. In five minutes, I walk through the process so you can see its ease and value for yourself.

Let’s dive into this week’s HubSpot How-To (watch the video above or read the transcript below)!

How to Automate Onboarding for a Closed-Won Deal: Video Transcript

I'm Brian Loesch, HubSpot expert and Weidert Group Consultant with today's HubSpot How-To.

When a deal moves to the closed-won stage — meaning a new customer purchased your product or service — the next step is to onboard them into that product or service. You can manually do this, but HubSpot Service Hub helps you automate a lot of the process.

In HubSpot Service Hub, select the Onboarding pipeline. This pipeline can be set up to follow the process by which a new customer is onboarded.  Anything related to the deal can be set up in stages for service reps to follow and perform — providing documents, scheduling training, ensuring the customer is using the product properly, troubleshooting, fielding questions, etc.

You can create a ticket manually in HubSpot by clicking the “Create Ticket” button. Or, you can leverage HubSpot’s customization options to automate the ticket process

Go into automation > workflows, and create a new workflow so once a deal moves to closed-won in the pipeline, it automatically creates a ticket. Let’s walk through a deal-based workflow:

  • Create a workflow and add triggers that will be used once criteria is met
  • Add filters. Here, I’m using a deal property, and the deal is closed-won is equal to true
  • Add the demo sales pipeline. (If all of your pipelines filter someone into an onboarding process, you can skip this step. However, in some organizations, the sales process will be different and your onboarding process might be different depending on the pipeline. For this example, I’m using just the demo sales pipeline.
  • Hit save and name the workflow “Onboarding.”

Anyone who moves to closed-won in this scenario will enroll in this workflow.

Now we're going to create a record, or Ticket. We’re going to assign the Ticket to either a specific user, an existing owner of the deal, or no one. Usually, this would go to a specific user — maybe someone who's in charge of either onboarding everyone or at least is in charge of assigning onboarding.

  • In this scenario, let’s choose me as the assignee
  • The ticket name is going to be that of the new customer, and you can also include any properties
  • I put in the deal name so that it provides some additional information
  • Once the ticket is created, choose the ticket pipeline. I’ve selected the onboarding pipeline, and I’ll put it in the New stage
  • You can also include a source if you’d like. Here, I’ll use the ticket description and hit “save"

Now, when a deal moves to the closed-won stage, it will automatically create a ticket in the onboarding pipeline and assign it to me. To show you, I’ll review and publish what I’ve created, but not enroll anyone. Then, I’ll move the deal to closed-won in the deal pipeline. The automation in the background automatically creates a ticket in the new stage of the Onboarding pipeline for me to onboard them.

Thanks for watching today's HubSpot How-To. See you next time.

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