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Eric Endres
Posted by Eric Endres on December 2, 2021
Linkedin Careers Pages

The employment landscape has changed dramatically throughout the pandemic, and even before then, as technology and social media have revolutionized communication between businesses and prospective talent. There’s more desire to chase after the career they’ve been dreaming of, or find an employer who will truly value them.

While many people are looking for work right now, it’s not always easy to find the perfect candidate for every job. Certain industries, like the industrial and manufacturing sectors, might not be able to find the right match between a job description and a prospect’s skill set. This is where you can boost your recruitment marketing strategy using a set of underrated LinkedIn features — Career Pages — to showcase your company culture and job openings within your Company Page. Specifically, we’ll dive into how the Career Pages features allow you to curate the Life and Jobs tabs to targeted user audiences to improve your chances of converting job seekers into applicants. 

What are LinkedIn Career Pages?

While LinkedIn may be best known as a way to grow people’s professional networks and land jobs, it’s also an important place for businesses to advertise themselves to prospective clients and talent.

LinkedIn Career Pages are enhancements that can be purchased for your existing company page, giving you access to additional features — a Life tab and a more targeted Jobs tab — that can make you stand out from a crowded marketplace.

According to LinkedIn, candidates are 1.8 times more likely to apply if they’re familiar with the company. LinkedIn Career Pages give you additional ways to showcase yourself and tell your story. Beyond a job listing or your social media posts, Career Pages tools can paint a picture of what you do, why you do it, and what it’s like to work for you. 

How can signing up for Career Pages help you reach the right candidates? 

With these empowering tools, you can customize what viewers of your page will see based on a few different factors that are applicable to them, such as their location, industry, and language. That’s the kind of targeting you may not get with a standard job listing or a default company page.

With that said, job posts are still important, so be sure to write engaging and informative job listings for the Jobs tab. But this is not just your average job openings page. Using the Jobs tab within the Career Page allows you to customize your listings in such a way that visitors will see personalized job recommendations from your available positions. Right away, job seekers will have the opportunity to see if you have something that’s relevant to them

What’s more, with Career Page enhancements added to your company page, not only will members see recommended jobs, they’ll also see trending content from those who currently occupy similar roles at your company

LinkedIn career page job posting detailSimilar employee roles and content on a LinkedIn job posting enhanced with Career Pages features

Setting up your Career Pages is simple, with drag-and-drop functionality that promotes a clean yet engaging look. Arrange text, images, and videos for a presentation that will flow on mobile and desktop devices alike. And if you need to make adjustments later? No sweat. It’s quick and easy for admins to go in and rearrange with any necessary updates.

What are the Benefits of Using LinkedIn Career Pages?

In addition to presenting your story to prospective employees, using LinkedIn Career Pages equips you with a set of tools to help you see your pages’ impacts and target the right visitors.

  • Use analytics tools for insights and improvement. Your Analytics tab lets you see how many people visited your pages, as well as any posts you’ve made that are performing well. This can give you valuable insights into whether you’re hitting the mark with the right people.

  • Gain more recruitment leads. Anyone in the digital marketing field knows how beneficial targeted ads can be. Use Traffic Driver ads to bring in the best candidates to the page, where they can learn all about your company and see if it’s a match.

  • Showcase employee-generated content. Let your employees tell the story, too! Encourage them to use a company hashtag attached to their photos and videos of their worklife to bring in more traffic and provide that much more authenticity to your page.

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What is the LinkedIn Life Tab?

In general — but particularly when people are job hunting — nobody wants to view or interact with a giant monolithic empire of a business that’s devoid of any sense of humanity. If you’ve enhanced your company page with Career Pages, the Life tab is your time to shine and demonstrate that you’re a vibrant workplace full of hard-working people who are, above all else, human.

This is where you can get more detailed about your story and who you are. Customize the Life tab how you see fit. Like the Jobs tab, you can create different customized variations to show to different people based on relevancy. 

For instance, if an assembly line worker visits your Life tab, the first thing they might see could be a version that’s applicable to their job duties or interests gathered from their LinkedIn profile. On top of that, people can choose which view of your Life tab they see — as long as you’ve created different versions — by clicking the appropriate tab toward the top of the page.

LinkedIn Life tab with segmented audience experiencesImage Source: LinkedIn’s Company Page

Consider starting the Life tab with a main video or an image — preferably an original one. This is about your company and your employees, so try to refrain from stock photos. Show off some of the leaders of your company right away and current employees describing what they love about working there. You have so many possibilities!

As an administrator of your Company Page, you’ll be able to make updates to the Life tab, even after the initial publishing. Click any of the various Life tab setups for custom audiences to change the content. Then, add videos, images, employee testimonials, and any other content that will appeal to your target audiences.

Use the LinkedIn Life tab to your advantage by showing potential hires what you’re all about. People are curious and want to know if applying is worth their time. Let them get to know what it’s really like to work at your company and set yourself apart from the crowd as an ideal employer for the right candidates.

How to Boost Your Recruiting Success in the Industrial Sector

The bottom line is to think outside the box and find new tactics for pulling in the right people for your open positions. It’s a different world now, and businesses need to do more than aimlessly cast out a slew of posts on job sites and hope to get a bite. Instead, recruiters need to focus their efforts on ideal candidates while demonstrating why they ought to click the apply button.

Get the right people to see your story through more targeting and audience customization. You can do just that and more by signing up for Career Pages enhancements and thoughtfully populating a detailed, segmented Life tab. 

Would you like to learn other ways to boost your recruiting efforts and attract more talent? We’ve created a complete guide catered to industrial sectors which discusses the steps you can take to garner a steady stream of relevant candidates. Click the link below to download your copy today!

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