Marketing Metrics that Matter Make Your Case With Data B2B Execs Care About

73% of executives don’t believe that marketers are focused enough on results to truly drive customer demand and revenue.

So prove otherwise!

While online traffic, time on page and the number of content downloads certainly can be an indicator of your website’s performance, those metrics do little to show your CEO or CFO how your company’s performance is linked to your marketing efforts.

With this guide, you’ll be shown step-by-step how to determine:

  • How much credit marketing should receive for customer acquisitions
  • The value your company receives from each customer compared with the marketing dollars spent to acquire them
  • The percentage of customers who originate from marketing
  • The number of customers who are influenced by your marketing efforts
  • And more!

Get the guide (a cheat sheet, really) containing easy explanations and formulas for calculating the true value of marketing in your organization. Just fill out the form!


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