Checklist: 10 Key Elements of an Inbound Website How to improve your website and company performance

Your website carries a lot of responsibility for your business success, and it’s the most powerful marketing and sales tools you have. 

Or is it?

Not only does your website need to look great, it needs to work great by attracting, engaging and delighting your best prospects and customers with every click. If it’s not checking all the boxes, your inbound marketing program may never get off the ground and you’ll miss out on some major opportunities.

Use our checklist to evaluate your website and raise your online presence to the next level. Discover 10 crucial areas that need to be addressed to experience inbound success, including:

  • Elements of an intuitive design 
  • SEO and keyword best practices
  • Which website metrics to track and leverage
  • Integrating with other platforms and tools
  • Perfecting the user experience
  • And more!

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