10 Benefits of HubSpot’s New Marketing Contacts Feature

Nicole Mertes
Posted by Nicole Mertes on November 23, 2020
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hubspot-marketing-contacts-blogAsk any marketer about their CRM, and chances are you’ll get a mixed review. On one hand, the CRM is a lifeline. On the other hand, it can be a time suck. Sifting through contacts that you can’t market to — bounces, unsubscribes, partners, sales and customer service contacts — is frustrating, not to mention expensive.

Expensive? Yes. In a traditional marketing automation system, you pay a set rate for all of the contacts you have stored regardless of their value to you. That means you could be throwing good money after bad, which is counterproductive.

Wasted time and money are key database pain points for marketers, and ones that HubSpot recently addressed through the new and innovative HubSpot Marketing Contacts structure.

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What’s HubSpot Marketing Contacts?

A feature within Marketing Hub, HubSpot Marketing Contacts is the innovative new solution to an age-old problem: managing company contacts in a single system. HubSpot’s comprehensive platform is structured as an all-in-one CRM for Marketing, Sales, and Service — and the pricing model ensures you only pay for the contacts you choose to market to with email or ads!

Let that sink in for a moment. You only pay for the contacts you choose to market to with email or ads. That’s a game-changer.

Here’s another bombshell: HubSpot Marketing Contacts allows you to store up to 1 million contacts that aren’t for active marketing. For FREE.That’s right. You decide the number of marketing contacts to spend time and money on in active pursuit. The non-marketing contacts — up to 1 million of them — are stored on your HubSpot CRM at no cost, and automatically culled from receiving marketing emails (including those through workflows) and ads.

HubSpot Marketing Contacts Improves CRM Best Practices

Targeted marketing and a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model are certainly compelling reasons to use the HubSpot Marketing Contacts feature. But, let’s look at the larger picture.

Remove organizational friction that steals momentum and impedes progress by using HubSpot Marketing Contacts to improve CRM best practices in four key ways:

  • Mark eligibility with ease: The marketing contacts eligibility flow allows you to identify marketing contacts in a few quick clicks with automatically generated lists of bounces, unsubscribes, and your own custom filters and lists

Setting Up HubSpot Marketing Contacts

  • All of your contacts in one place: With unlimited contact storage in HubSpot, every aspect of your company’s business needs can be addressed without complicated spreadsheets or databases
  • Keep your contacts clean: Automatically categorize new contacts as marketing or non-marketing from forms and integrations with help from quick settings updates or a simple workflow
  • Unlimited growth potential: Larger contact bands (i.e. price increase for every additional 5,000 vs 1,000 contacts) alleviate concerns about frequently hitting contact limits and frees up your team to focus on consistently providing an excellent customer experience — all with scaled contacts pricing that makes individual contacts cheaper as you grow

Align Data, Departments, and CX with HubSpot Marketing Contacts

The ease of use combined with centralization of prospect and customer contacts in one CRM aligns your Marketing, Sales, and Service departments — without the traditional rub of Marketing picking up the tab for Sales and Service contacts.

With HubSpot Marketing Contacts, every team member is empowered to work more efficiently, which helps ensure every contact has a frictionless experience with your brand — from first touch as a prospect all the way through their customer lifecycle. Here are just a few built-in features of Marketing Hub to help you keep your data clean and organized ongoing, so you’re only paying for active marketing contacts:

  • Categorize imports: Easily mark any imported contacts as marketing or non-marketing contacts
  • Manage HubSpot and non-HubSpot forms: Control the settings to determine which forms create marketing and non-marketing contacts
  • Organize ads: Control the designation of marketing contacts and the ads that get in front of them with default lead syncing
  • Control chatflows and integrations: Control which live chat/messenger bots and integrations create marketing contacts
  • Automate workflows: Effortlessly determine if contacts get set as marketing or non-marketing and avoid manual updates when a contact is no longer active for marketing purposes

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Is HubSpot Marketing Contacts a Fit for Your Company?

New and existing HubSpot customers can leverage HubSpot Marketing Contacts. These specific questions will help you reflect on how it could best benefit your company.

Marketers New to HubSpot

  • Do you currently use a CRM? If so, which one?
  • How many contacts do you have?
  • Out of those contacts, how many do you engage with on an annual basis? 
  • How many are unsubscribed or bounced?

Existing HubSpot Customers

  • Do you currently use a CRM? If so, which one?
  • How many contacts do you have?
  • Out of those contacts, how many do you engage with on an annual basis? 
  • How many are unsubscribed or bounced?
  • Have you ever had to delete contacts in order to keep your bill from increasing?

HubSpot Marketing Contacts is a comprehensive solution that helps you manage the precious resources of time and budget dollars by ensuring you aren’t paying for unnecessary contacts or spending hours managing data across Marketing, Sales, and Service.

Find out more! If you’re a Weidert Group partner with an existing inbound program, reach out to your program consultant to determine if a HubSpot license switch makes sense. Still considering HubSpot or want to make the most of your existing HubSpot investment and/or inbound program? We can help with that, too! Request a consultation to get started.

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