New HubSpot AI Tools Dominate INBOUND 2023

Eric Severstad
Posted by Eric Severstad on September 14, 2023
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AI Web. AI Campaigns. Chat AI. Predictive AI. Smart CRM. Agent AI. Is there anything that artificial intelligence (AI) can’t do?

We’re not actually sure after experiencing INBOUND 2023 in Boston last week. The overriding theme of the annual event was no doubt artificial intelligence and the influence it’s having on the inbound marketing world… and even the entire world.

For the opening kickoff, it was clear that AI — likely the hottest topic in business today — would serve as the recurring theme throughout the 3-day event. The HubSpot Spotlight on the main stage started with HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan, who stressed that intelligence (artificial or otherwise) on its own is worthless:

“Acting on intelligence to make a customer connection drives growth. AI drives connection at scale,” — Yamini Rangan, HubSpot CEO 

More on customer connections in our next INBOUND 2023 wrap-up blog!

Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot Co-Founder & CTO, is admittedly “in love” with AI, and he hopes marketers will fall in love, too. Not with AI, but with the future version of ourselves, with AI at our sides. AI won't take jobs. It will enhance them, empower us, and open opportunities we can’t yet imagine.

ai tools dharmesh shah of hubspot uses

Yet, it was Andy Pitre, Executive VP Product, who may have wowed the crowd the most with the introduction of numerous AI-powered HubSpot products.

Andy introduced HubSpot AI, a portfolio of AI products contained within the customer platform. What’s different is that AI understands content, provides unique perspectives on business data, and “gets” customers (and their needs). 

Overall, AI is all about working smarter, not harder. As Dharmesh described it, “AI will take your job. And give you one that’s better. Less grind, more growth.”

Getting Started With AI

Before jumping into new HubSpot products, let’s consider marketers who need a confidence boost when it comes to AI.

Yamini suggests these 4 ways to get started with AI:

  • Get going with chatbots. Start with getting one on your website to boost customer engagement.
  • Hit refresh on content strategy using AI. Bots, blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, images, and more can all be created with your audience’s intent in mind.
  • Flip the sales formula. More reps, more tools, and more activities don’t work anymore to drive sales. Efficient, AI-assisted reps with connected tools and the right amount of activities is the new formula for success.
  • Be proactive with service. Deliver more insights to help customers get more value.

the new sales formula for inbound

Typically with new technology, there’s an expected learning curve as users get up to speed. Yet, because AI is so user-friendly, the learning curve has shifted to how marketers approach the strategy of using AI properly, not the AI itself. How we do business is changing, and we need to rethink everything. You need to know what your buyers are asking better than your competitors do.

What’s New in HubSpot? Sooooo Much!

AI Assistants

Andy started by explaining how the power of AI will be felt throughout the platform within incredible innovations. AI assistants will work across the entire HubSpot platform to crank up efficiency and provide predictive observations to help inform wise decision making.

  • Content Assistant: content and images creation done more efficiently
  • Campaign Assistant: full campaign management capabilities
  • Website Assistant: website development, SMS messages, and AI chatbots that pull from a website’s content/knowledge base

These all complement ChatSpot, HubSpot’s combination of Smart CRM data and large language model-driven (ChatGPT, specifically) chat functionality.

AI Agents

“The future of generative AI,” says Dharmesh, this set of AI-powered abilities pushes what autonomous AI can be. Networked to the internet and other AI Agents, it helps specific users elevate their performance throughout live chat and email. The goal for launch is early 2024.

AI Insights

One of AI’s most impressive superpowers is to predict. This tool includes predictive AI features that drive more confidence in analytics and offer recommendations. Think of it as forecasting powered by AI.

Smart CRM

HubSpot is positioning itself as an AI-powered platform/CRM. HubSpot’s Smart CRM not only enhances the buyer journey (using new AI-enhanced products along the way), it’s a single source of truth for all teams with intelligence about customers.

Sales Hub

Not really “new,” but an impressive refresh, the relaunch of Sales Hub promises more streamlined prospecting, better deal management (more context/embedded insights), a new leads experience (context with every lead), and additional sales forecasting capabilities (with predictive AI).

  • Sales reps within the dedicated prospecting workspace experience better organization, clear focus, task prioritization, and increased efficiency.
  • Well-organized, clearly tracked, and prioritized leads from advanced lead management and reporting give sales and marketing teams improved clarity when prospecting.
  • New, AI-powered deal management enables sales to prioritize better and more accurately predict outcomes.
  • Prospects experience smooth handoffs to the proper rep and accurate scheduling.

HubSpot Expands Relationship with LinkedIn

A quick word on another new development: HubSpot’s Smart CRM is syncing with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. “We reimagined Sales Hub to help sales teams unlock greater productivity while deepening customer connection. From prospecting and lead reporting to deal management and forecasting, we’ve doubled down on building the modern sales solution sales teams need to win today and in the future,” said Michael Walton, VP Product, Sales Hub, at HubSpot.

Commerce Hub

This hub is designed to make payments and invoicing simple, easy, and accurate. (easy to create and send invoices, can connect with QB and Stripe)

Service Hub

Customer support has never been more critical. Increase efficiency with Support Assistant and the Help Desk.

Have you been using HubSpot for years? Or are you just getting started? Either way, there’ are insights to discover in our Guide to Improving Your Inbound Efforts. Click to read it, then reach out to our team for an inbound assessment.

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