KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS FOR INBOUND MARKETING Choose the Right Metrics to Assess Marketing Plan Performance

Learn Our Highly Strategic Approach to Choosing KPIs in Inbound Marketing

There are many metrics to measure in inbound marketing, but only a small few should serve as your KPIs for planning and course adjustment. Before you start launching inbound efforts, make sure you know how to assess whether your marketing performance is on the right track.

This eBook explores how the best KPIs for inbound marketing are those metrics that: 

  • Tie directly to revenue growth
  • Align with your buyers' journey
  • Predict the future of your sales pipeline

In 21 pages, you'll learn how to avoid paying too much attention to "vanity metrics" and how to use KPIs to ensure you meet the growth you're looking for. Download the full eBook by filling out the form.

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