Inbound Marketing Implementation Process Infographic

September 17, 2012

Posted by Meg Hoppe

Understanding the power of Inbound Marketing to significantly grow your business is simple; what’s more complicated is understanding the process of attracting visitors to your site and turning them into qualified leads: What steps do you need to take to get started? What has to be done each day to keep the process moving? How do you interact with and manage prospects?

While the execution of Inbound Marketing varies somewhat by client, prospect, industry, etc., we’ve created an infographic can be used to understand:

  • What work is foundational
  • What work is ongoing
  • What your prospects will experience moving through the sales funnel

inbound marketing implementation process infographic

Click here to download a pdf of the infographic!

We eat, breathe, sleep Inbound Marketing, so if you have questions about your specific Inbound Marketing needs give us a call! We’re always eager to help people understand and take full advantage of this powerful approach.

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inbound marketing

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Written by Meg Hoppe

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