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March 29, 2011

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Posted by Abby Gutowski

By: Abby Gutowski

Every week we sort through hundreds of articles and blogs about marketing, public relations and advertising trends and news. Not surprisingly, most of today's industry news is focused on some sort of social media or online campaign, tools or strategy. Here's our recap of the most interesting social media news and posts this month:

Mashable.com: German Billboard Dispenses Dog Food When You Check In on Foursquare
Yep, that's right! In Germany, a billboard for the GranataPet brand dog food lets consumers get a sample by checking in via Foursquare. The trend is giving billboards new life and is being used by some daring and innovative marketers.

TechCrunch: At SXSW, Advertising Was This Year's Twitter, iPad 2 Was This Year's Foursquare
After weeks of information and articles about the SXSW Conference, a recap of the key points. If you need  an update on the latest in advertising news, read this.

ChrisBrogan.com: The Future of Location-Based Applications
Okay, this article is from February 28, but I bent the rules on this one because it's worth sharing. We all know that location-based social networks are the emerging trend, but how will developers adapt the tools to ensure growth? Chris Brogan shares his thoughts about what location-based social networks need to survive.

PeterShankman.com: What I've Learn learned from 50,000 Facebook Fans
Peter Shankman may be one of the most interesting, transparent, knowledgeable, humorous and all-around fantastic PR pros of our time. We love reading his blog and know you would too. In this post, he talks about important lessons he's learned from his Facebook fan page that could help users and businesses with their own.

PRSarahEvans.com: Public Relations Professional Today: Publisher and Publicist
In this post Sarah Evans gives a perfect overview of where PR is headed (well, we're actually already there). Whether you are a PR pro, or work with one, this post if for you. It touches the realization that if you're being successful in PR, you're probably spending your 9-5 being a publicist and the rest of your day publishing your own content to the PR and social media industry and business community. It's an interesting shift, but it's the reality of PR pros today.

Mashable.com: 10 Creative Uses for Facebook Pages
Okay, this is just really cool. With the new Facebook Page layout and capabilities, some users are finding unique ways to show off creativity.  Mashable.com highlights a few of the best.

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Written by Abby Gutowski

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