Bang! Zowie! BOOM! How HubSpot CRM Enables Business Growth Superpowers

Kelly Wilhelme
Posted by Kelly Wilhelme on April 21, 2022
HubSpot CRM implementation can superpower your business growth

I’m no comic book expert, but I happen to work closely with a few. In comic books, superheroes gain their powers in many different (and odd) ways: they mutate, they’re bitten by an animal, they find a magic idol, they’re hit by electromagnetic radiation, or they’re born that way (the lazy writer’s choice).

It’s rare for a superpower to be purchased. Yet, this article explains how businesses can gain abilities that are otherwise unattainable with a simple purchase (and some focused dedication).

Traditionally seen as a sales tool, modern CRM (customer relationship management) platforms perform many more functions than managing interactions with customers and prospects.

Today, the best CRMs — which definitely includes HubSpot CRM — are really the heart of a scaling business, working smarter to align various teams (sales, marketing, operations, service) and, most importantly, unite them around delivering remarkable omni-channel experiences to customers and prospects.

Using a single CRM platform like HubSpot that underpins your website CMS, marketing, sales, service, and operations teams allows you to:

  • meet customer needs
  • align your teams
  • work smarter without slowing down

This article explores how using a single CRM platform like HubSpot enables you to delight customers at every stage of the buying journey and drive more revenue

CRM-Powered Everything!

Successful customer experiences have customers at the center of every marketing, sales, and service execution. Just like teamwork is the center of a great superhero team!

CRM success starts with customer data collected by the HubSpot CRM, yet data on its own is useless. It needs to be wisely stored and used by every member of your customer-facing teams to truly become valuable. Then, precise targeting can send the right messaging to the right people at the right time… creating a delightful prospect and customer experience. 

With a single CRM platform underpinning all your revenue-driving operations, what should be a powerful lead generation tool, an inbound website is the gateway to a prospect’s connection with a CRM, CMS (content management system), marketing automation, and customer support system. After CRM implementation and integration, a website and the leads generated from it can be properly managed, helping meet customers’ needs AND boosting bottom line results. 


4 Benefits of Integrated CRM Implementation

Let’s look at a few examples that illustrate the benefits realized by having one integrated CRM platform that empowers all your revenue teams. Note, there a ton more that aren’t covered here, but these are some of the biggest benefits we see working with our industrial clients. 

  1. Personalization. This is the secret weapon for delivering a great customer experience. The more personalized a message, the greater the chances are of being noticed, especially in today’s marketplaces in which everyone is fighting for attention.

    Personalizing the website experience — by leveraging a CRM-powered content management system to serve up relevant content for each visitor — makes communications meaningful and relevant. Not only is that a best-in-class experience for customers, it’s a single source of truth that unites marketing, sales, service, and operations teams around delivering that best-possible experience, and making it efficient for them to do so.

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  2. Customer self-service. CRM empowerment also applies to features like HubSpot Service Hub’s secure customer portal that inspires customers to take ownership over their service experience, keeps conversations between customers and reps going, offers Knowledge Base access, and is customizable to fit a brand without any coding being needed.
  3. Voice of the Customer. HubSpot's CRM-powered custom surveys are available for customers to voice opinions during their buying and customer journeys. Capture specific feedback, share insights with teams, and learn more and more how customers think. Better yet, CRM-powered data can help you automate and scale your VoC efforts to gather more insights directly from your customers and use it to improve your products, services, and relationships.

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  4. Marketing and sales alignment. While it’s unreasonable to expect a software system to magically solve any misalignment between your marketing and sales teams, it is certainly reasonable to expect a having a single CRM system facilitate and improve relations between these two departments. When both teams are using the same data to set goals, track KPIs, manage leads, and report on closed revenue, it fosters transparency, accountability, and alignment. (We’ve written at length about this topic in our Inbound Sales Enablement guide, so head over there for a deeper dive if you want to learn more.)

Customizable, Connected, and Customer-Focused Superpowers 

Customization without compromise. That sounds like a superhero’s mantra, doesn’t it? 

Yet, you can think of HubSpot’s CRM platform in this way. It’s a fully integrated and flexible platform that empowers an entire team to fight the good fight for customers; no compromises necessary.

A CRM that’s customizable means it can be built to different teams’ strengths, matching how sales and service teams work. Customize HubSpot’s CRM to implement custom permissions, properties, and behavioral events, plus architect an instance in ways that inspire teams to thrive.

Plus, HubSpot’s CRM matches customers’ behaviors to help power experiences that meet their needs. Need to associate many company records with contacts, tickets, and deals? HubSpot’s CRM provides that flexibility

Many CRM implementations fail due to lack of user adoption. But if you have a CRM that is customizable so you can build it to the way your business, your sales and service teams, and your customers behave, it WILL get used. 

However a business and its customers run… that’s how a CRM should perform, driving quick answers, more transparency, and strong strategic pivots. 

As you’re seeing, when everything is CRM-powered, it leads to some impressive results.

“Super” Business Results

The actions of a superhero are only as important as the results realized. Catching the bad guy should result in a lengthy stay behind bars (a meaningful result).

For the HubSpot CRM platform, that means bottom line business results

Take a look at these “deals closed” numbers showing that the use of three coordinated HubSpot hubs (Sales, Marketing, Service) perform better than two (Sales, Marketing), which are better than just a single (Sales) hub …


These numbers follow a similar pattern for Professional and Enterprise HubSpot customers, just better results …


Yes, there are other online platforms that claim to deliver results. Yet, HubSpot is the only one that takes a holistic approach to attract, engage, and delight prospective customers and improve current customer relationships. Not convinced? Read more about how HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM platform with a suite of marketing, sales, service, and website tools that does it all.

Why HubSpot? A compelling case for why HubSpot is the best all-in-one growth suite. Period. Explore the guide.

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