Inbound Marketing, SEO and Social Media…Oh My!

Paige Wagner
Posted by Paige Wagner on August 31, 2011

Key to successAs I look back at my summer I’m shocked at how much I’ve gained from being a Weidert Group marketing intern. My awe comes from all of the knowledge that I’ve acquired in this short time period that will give me an advantage when it comes to finding a job after graduation. I could never write a post about every single takeaway from this summer, so instead here’s an overview of the things that I’ve learned. 

1. Inbound Marketing: Content Management Systems, HubSpot and Content Creation

During my first week with Weidert Group, I had no idea what a content management system (CMS) even was. I now know that it helps you manage your website without the knowledge of complex programming languages. After delving into content management systems I quickly became aware of the CMS that Weidert Group uses, HubSpot. Both Weidert Group and HubSpot use the Inbound Marketing approach of attracting prospects instead of finding them with traditional advertising methods. This way of thinking was new to me so I had a lot to research.

2. Search Engine Optimization: Incorporating Keywords and Using SEO Tools

If someone would’ve tried to talk to me about a META tag three months ago I probably would have given them a funny look. Now, I could talk for hours about search engine optimization, integrating keywords into web content and using search engine optimization tools. Having never actually put SEO to use before this internship came along, it’s definition was a bit blurry in my mind. Now that I’ve seen it in action, it’s importance has become clear as glass.

3. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for your Business

Before this internship I would associate social media sites with talking to my friends, getting the latest gossip and maybe even posting my resume. What I didn’t realize was the way that businesses are taking advantage of social media sites to get in touch with their customers. These businesses are doing some amazing things with social media sites and the end result seems to be happier customers.

Simply being able to work in a full-service agency environment has given me a greater understanding of what my future full-time job could look like. For this reason alone I would recommend an internship to all college students. Being able to put yourself out there in an internship position is an incredible skill that will definitely stand out to employers.

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