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You’re about to buy a HubSpot license; your budget doesn’t allow for a long-term relationship with an inbound agency...but you want to make the most of the investment – and want your team up and running as quickly as possible.

Sound familiar? Then you need Weidert Group’s Guided HubSpot Onboarding.

The process of adopting an inbound marketing approach can be a little overwhelming. Not only do you have to learn new software, but the inbound mindset – and the strategic planning that’s part of it – need to be second nature if you want inbound to transform your marketing success.

During this 13-week onboarding program, our experienced team will walk you through the essentials of setting up your inbound program, and show you how to manage all the components involved. These inbound experts bring deep experience developing and managing programs, are chock full of industry insights, and know what works – and what doesn’t – based on dozens of client programs.

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The Process

Here are the topics covered – and value delivered – during Guided Onboarding:

  • Step1

    Setup and Goals

    • How to set up your HubSpot account, and guidance on technical “stuff”
    • How to set inbound goals and determine your growth strategy 
    • Review templates provided for setting a strategic foundation for your inbound marketing
  • Step2

    Lead Gen Quick Wins

    • Discuss how (and why) to segment leads
    • How to use HubSpot forms and lists that support lead segmentation
    • Identify simple  “quick wins” opportunities for improved conversions
  • Step3

    Email Marketing

    • What are the HubSpot email marketing app/tools and how are they used?
    • Review types of email, best practices, and use of templates
    • What’s an email campaign and how/when do you execute them?
  • Step4

    Developing Personas

    • How do you identify and develop key personas?
    • Introduction to the HubSpot personas tool
    • Template provided to create strategic buyer personas
  • Step5

    Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

    • What are your buyer journey stages, and where do you apply them? 
    • Introduction to HubSpot Lifecycle Stages
    • Template provided for mapping your distinct buyer’s journey(s)
  • Step6

    Intro to SEO

    • Why SEO is so critical, and an overview of Weidert Group’s SEO approach 
    • Introduction to HubSpot’s SEO tools
    • Template provided for tracking keywords
  • Step7

    Content Creation & Promotion Strategy

    • What are best practices for creating an editorial calendar?
    • The HubSpot blog tools and how to use them
    • The HubSpot social media publishing and monitoring tools and how to use them
    • Template provided for 90-Day Editorial Calendar
  • Step8

    Conversion Content

    • What are best practices for developing campaigns and “full conversion paths”?
    • Introduction to HubSpot landing pages and CTAs
  • Step9

    Marketing Automation Part 1

    • What are lead nurturing workflows and why are they important?
    • Introduction to the HubSpot workflows tool
  • Step10

    Marketing Automation Part 2

    • What are chatflows and smart content, and how do you use them?
    • Introduction to the HubSpot Conversations tool
  • Step11

    Marketing & Sales Alignment

    • What is Marketing & Sales alignment, and what are best practices? 
    • An overview of a Marketing & Sales Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Introduction to the free HubSpot CRM
    • Introduction to HubSpot lead scoring and lead handoff notifications
    • Template provided for a Marketing & Sales Service Level Agreement
  • Step12

    KPIs and Continuous Improvement

    • What are the right inbound marketing KPIs?
    • Introduction to HubSpot dashboards and reports
  • Step13

    Creating Your First 90-Day Roadmap

    • Collaborate with your Weidert Group coach on your next 90-day roadmap
    • Template provided for Roadmapping


Frequently Asked Questions

If one or more of these statements reflects your situation, Guided Onboarding could help you achieve better results, faster: 

  • You have to demonstrate that inbound marketing will work in your industry...and you may not feel fully confident in your level of knowledge
  • You know a fair amount about inbound and have determined that you can execute it on your own (or need to, based on budget)...but you want to save time and avoid pitfalls by having a team guide those first important steps
  • You want results ASAP: you realize that getting up to speed on all the components of inbound is going to take some time, and you know that engaging an experienced team can cut that time in half (or more)

You want to adopt inbound but aren’t going “all in.” You don’t think you need to partner with an inbound agency...but you do believe practical training could be the best way to get off on the right foot

HubSpot is a remarkable product and a fantastic company, and yes, they provide training. Here are a few reasons for taking advantage of Weidert Group’s more robust Guided Onboarding instead of the paid training HubSpot offers with your license:

  • We get you where you need to be faster. HubSpot training provides a quality overview of all the platform basics, but the depth and breadth of Weidert Group’s strategic insights and knowledge – and first-hand experience with what works and what doesn’t – can actually accelerate your progress. We’ll help you focus on the work that has the greatest impact, and demonstrate how to avoid common pitfalls that weigh you down and delay results.
  • We offer customized tools that reduce your workload and get you off the ground faster. We’ve perfected a variety of ready-to-use templates to help you simplify the development of important tools like Buyer Personas, Buyer Journeys and Editorial Calendars. They save time and make your efforts more effective.
  • We do this every day. Your Guided Onboarding team is made up of people whose job it is – every day – to manage complex client programs. And they know more than just how to use the tools: they know how and where to apply them to get the best results. 
  • Bonus! As an inbound marketing agency, we can also support you in other ways, if and when you need it. We have an in-house team of writers, designers, videographers and web developers who can come to the rescue if you need an infographic or web page or a video, or... well, almost anything – even traditional tactics like tradeshow booths and logos.
  • Clients who use our Guided Onboarding services are usually planning to take all the work involved in executing their inbound programs in-house, rather than engage an agency to do all (or most) of the “day-to-day.” To GO clients, we play the role of coach and act as a resource for knowledge – training, guiding, answering questions, and sharing learnings from our own experiences.
  • Our engagement with GO clients is abbreviated compared to clients who engage us to do “everything,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not long-term. Weidert Group’s GO coaching can easily be extended beyond the initial 13 weeks, with regular coaching calls and/or quarterly roadmap discussions with GO clients to talk about how things have been going and what modifications they might need to make to the way they’re doing things.
Absolutely! We’ll take into account your business model, your industry, and your goals as we develop the plan for your 13 weeks of Guided Onboarding. If we see something in our typical training sequence that doesn’t really apply to your situation, we’ll replace it with something that does!

Yes, of course! Your GO team will be available for as much coaching as you need, and we’ll be happy to provide any services you need, too, for as long as you need them. The cost of the 13-week program is set, and any additional time/services will be based on an hourly fee.

The Guided Onboarding program is designed specifically for use with HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Pro and/or Enterprise licenses. We can help you evaluate your options and purchase the right set of HubSpot tools for your business.

We’d love to help! Yes, if you’re using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Pro and/or Enterprise licenses, we can apply our expertise to help you be even more successful as an inbound marketer.


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